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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cooper & Ross - Bottom Line 1982 Lp

Cooper & Ross are Cathy Cooper and Jimmie Ross. In the late 60s bassist and vocalist Jimmie Ross was a member of the pop/rock group called "The Jaggez". In 1975 the group disbanded and Ross joined in the group "The Skyliners".
Also Cathy Cooper was a member of the group "The Skyliners". In 1982 Cathy & Jimmie released an album entitled "Bottom Line" on MCA Records. In fact the album was released by Sweet City Records, however Sweet City was a part of MCA Records.
Sweet City Records was formed by a veteran promo Carl Maduri and Midwest concert mogul Mike Belkin in December 1975. It was recorded at the Recording Connection, Cleveland, at Hitsville/Motown L.A California.

Most of the musicians were unknown. Jimmy John Sicliano on bass, Jack Graham and Bob Fraser on guitar, Donnie Marsico on drums and Ted Sass, Bill Duncan on keyboards. Also Ricky Bell, Tom First and Dan McCarthy on horns. Produced by Carl Maduri. Also two more tracks produced by Teddy Randazzo and Phil Hurt respectively.

I chose two tracks entitled "You're the one" and "Only the lonely".

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Not to be confused with the artist Jimmy Ross who recorded an album called "First true love affair" in 1981.

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Yes - can definitely relate to these two songs