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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Roger Cruz - Here we are again

I decided to present this scarce, obscure 7 incher for one reason. Where are all those radio-producers and DJs from England who think they know all about black music? Why haven't they discovered it by now? Some months ago I bought it on GEMM for very little money. No comments.

Roger Cruz (born 1947) was an unknown singer. It is worthy to mention that Gene Page helped him as arranger. He released this single entitled "Here we are again / With lover on the side" on Trac Records label from Washington. Date of creation 1982.
I have chosen "Here we are again". Composed by Roger and Linda Cruz. Produced by himself. Enjoy!

Note: The above posted single is not played in full


Anonymous said...

maybe the UK DJ's are not commenting as this is an MOR record with no soul in it? :)

BT1955 said...

All credit to "souldennis" for all his hard work in creating his blogspot. He sure has an ear for soulful sounds.

PhillyDave said...

I'd have to agree with anonymous on this one, the UK soul crowd isn't as in to blue eyed singers as their continental friends & this probably wouldn't be considered soul.