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Monday, May 16, 2011

Chris Meyer - Ready, Willing and Stable Lp

B.L. Chris Meyer started working in the film and photography business at the age of 15 for Designer's Group, a communications design company in Houston, Texas. His first job was cleaning up film ends and organizing negatives. However, within a short time, he began directing and shooting projects for the company.
In 1978 he went to work for KHOU-TV in Houston ,TX, at that time the 12th largest television market in the country. He was cast as the co-host and co-producer of a daily television magazine show called P.M. Magazine. In 1982 he was assigned to co-host a new live daily television talk-show program called Houston Afternoon.

At that time he released the second album (first album was released in 1969) entitled "Ready, Willing and Stable" on Meca Music Co. It was recorded at ACA Studios, the oldest studio in Houston, Texas. Chris Meyer collaborated with a pianist called Shelton BergShelly was teaching at a local college and was playing jazz in and around the Houston area.
Chris Meyer told me:  "Shelly" did an excellent job of producing and his arrangements were fantastic. The album got limited distribution in some of Houston's record stores and about 1000 copies were sold.

Shelton "Shelly" Berg
Shelton "Shelly" Berg was arranger and producer on the album. He also wrote most of the songs of the album. I want to note that today "Shelly" is one of the finest pianists, who plays modern mainstream jazz.
In this album participated Shelton Berg on keyboards, Evan Arredondo on bass, Tim Harris on guitar, Tom Cummings on percussion, Larry Martinez and Kit Reid on trumpets, Joe Miller on trombone, Tony Campice and Tristan Smith on Woodwinds, Raphael Fliegel, David Chausow, Caroline Plummer and Peggy Ruttenberg on violins.Arranged and produced by Shelton Berg.
My favorite songs are "You can dance with me" , "High time" and "Goin' back". These songs were written by Shelton Berg except the song "Goin' back" which was written by Shelton Berg and B.Cunningham.

After this album Chris Meyer recorded two singles in the country music scene, which were recorded at Sugar Hill Studios, also in Houston (Freddy Fenders Studio).
In 1984 Chris left broadcast television to start Meyer Productions, Inc. a full-service photography and video production company. By 1993 MPI was among the 10 largest production companies in Houston and included 3 additional companies: International Video Distributors, Technical Programming Services, and the Ink Spot. The company won a number of local, national and international awards.

In 1996 Chris downsized the company so he could return to doing more of the hands-on shooting. The company is now called Multimedia Production Services, Inc. and services a myriad of industrial and commercial clients.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

# I would like to thank Chris Meyer for all his info

## I would like to thank Shelton "Shelly" Berg

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