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Friday, September 9, 2011

Bobby Jones & New Life - Soul Set Free 1982 Lp

Bobby Jones is one of the best performers in history of gospel music. Gospel music was not popular on television before the advent of Bobby Jones and his TV program Bobby Jones Gospel Hour. I will need many pages to present Bobby Jones.
He was born on September 18,1938 in Henry, Tennessee. Bobby Jones was the youngest of Jim and Augusta Thorpe Jones’s three children. He graduates from Tennessee A & I State University. In 1973 he co-hosts Fun City Five TV show, Nashville, Tennessee. In 1975 he became instructor, Tennessee State University. He forms the gospel group Bobby Jones and the New Life Singers. He introduces the Nashville Gospel Music Show , which later becomes Bobby Jones Gospel Hour.

In 1977 he released the debut album under the name Bobby Jones and the New Life Singers entitled "Sooner or Later" on Benson Records. In 1978 he released the second album  entitled "There is hope for this world" on Nashboro Creed Records. Next album is entitled "Caught up" which was released in 1980 on Nashboro Creed Records
In 1982 Bobby Jones and New Life Singers won a Grammy for best performance by a black contemporary gospel group for album called "Soul Set Free". This album was released on Myrrh Records in 1982. It was recorded at Woodland Sound Studio. The musicians were Randy McCormick, Lisa Nelson and Tony Brown on keyboards, Tom Robb on bass, Gunnar Gelotte and Larrie Londin on drums, Larry Byrom, Bruce Dees, Brent Rowan and Paul Worley on guitars, Micky Buckins and Farrell Morris on percussion. Background vocals by Donna McElroy, Hershey Reeves and Robert Byrne.
Strings by The Shelly Kurland Strings. Horns arranged by Sanchez Harley and Lloyd Barry. Vocals arranged by Gerry Jones and Hershey Reeves. Produced by Tony Brown.

I have chosen two tracks entitled "Soul set free" and "Close to you". Vocals by Bobby Jones and Francine Belcher respectively. It is worthy to mention that the song "Martin" is a tribute to Martin Luther King. In two other songs, vocals by Bonnie Hatcher and Charles Miller.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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