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Thursday, November 17, 2011

J.J.Nichols - Dancin' lady 1975

J.J.Nichols is an unknown singer who released the single "Dancin lady" in the mid 70s on NAMI (North American Music Industries).
This label from New York was owned and organized by Lou Guarino in 1972 with the purpose of acquiring the EMI/Capitol Records. Lou Guarino became known the years 1959 through 1962, when he and Lenny Martins were responsible for producing and marketing many of the groups from the Pittsburgh area.

Lou Guarino

Lou Guarino wrote this song along with Phil Lipati. Lou Guarino was also producer and co-arranger. Lou Hemsey was co-arranger as well.

Lou Hemsey

Lou Hemsey is a composer, orchestrator, mastering engineer, editor, screenwriter, film director and producer. I came in contact with Lou Hemsey but he doesn't know anything about J.J.Nichols. He told me that he was the sole arranger but Lou Guarino put his name down after discussion. Lou Hemsey loved working with Lou Guarino.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

#  I want to thank Lou Hemsey for his info

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