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Monday, November 28, 2011

Randy Cone - Angel

Randy Cone is lesser known but very good singer and songwriter. His real name is Acey 'McCone. He has written many songs. One of them was entitled "Honey I don't mind" which was released by John Byrd on 20th Century Records in 1974. Two years later the same song was re-recorded by John Edwards. In 1976 he wrote one more song for the Canadian singer Norris Vines and his band The Luvlines. Norris Vines released a single "Give In / Feel The Warm" on Smile Records which is sought after between the collectors. Acey McCone wrote the song "Give In" as Randy Cone.

In the 80s he released a single under the name Randy Cone on Harbor Records. Two songs were included in this single named "Nobody (Makes me feel like you do)" and "Angel". Both songs were written by himself. Produced by Thaddeus E.Williams. I chose "Angel" which is accompanied by nice saxophone.

Today he continues to write music. You can see more info about him here.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

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