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Monday, December 19, 2011

Sir James Randolph as Jimmy Randolph

Last year many people learnt about the great singer Sir James Randolph. Almost all the people are looking for his album which was released in 1981. I had the pleasure to present this album on my blog. However some real collectors know and the singer Jimmy Randolph who became known from the late 50s to mid 70s.
Recently I bought the record "You have to lose love" by Jimmy Randolph which was released on Honey Bee Records in 1978. I want to mention that I heard this song for the first time by Paul Collins Radio Show some years ago.
In fact when I learnt about Jimmy Randolph, I did not know anything about Sir James Randolph. When I bought the album "The Sophisticated Funk Of Sir James Randolph" in 2009 by Sir James Randolph, immediatelly I started to looking everywhere about Sir James Randolph and Jimmy Randolph, so as to get more info about them.

I understood that he was the same artist but I needed confirmation. I managed to come in contact with the niece of Sir James Randolph. She told me that Jimmy and Sir James Randolph is the same person. At the same time I found a few photos about him from magazines.

Jimmy Randolph 1958
Jimmy Randolph is a versatile artist. His true love was the music but he was also involved with the theater, film and  television.
He started to become known, singing in night clubs throughout the city. His strong voice did not go unnoticed. On January 1956 he signed with Mercury Records. Jimmy Randolph also did appearances in the famous Cotton Club in the late 50s. At that time, he also sang for the Duke Ellington and his orchestra along with Barbara McNair at the Copa City in Miami Beach. Then he continued to do appearances in various clubs and hotels as well as to releasing 45". In 1966 he did first appearance on TV (Porgy in Wien). He played along with Robert Guillaume.
He made a five-month tour throughout France in the late 60s. He tried to promote his songs through this trip in France. In 1971 he received one of the highest honors to noncitizens by Liberian Government, because he composed a special song, titled "Liberian". 

1972 at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas (Jimmy Randolph, Nancy Wilson, Sammy Davis Jr, Harry Belafonte, Billy Ekcstine and many others)
He continued to sing in various clubs and hotels such as "Riviera" in Las Vegas 1972 and "Stardust" with Lionel Hampton in 1974. He also did appearances in a few TV series.

In 1976 is the big moment of Jimmy Randolph's career, using the name James Randolph. He participated at the Broadway Theatre in a Broadway revival of "Guys and Dolls" with an all black-cast as Sky Masterson along with Robert Guillaume as Nathan Detroit, Norma Donaldson as Miss Adelaide, Ernestine Jackson as Sarah Brown."Guys and Dolls" is a musical and was directed and choreographed by Billy Wilson. The show closed on February 13, 1977 after 239 performances and 12 previews.

While in 1978 he was singing in Cotton Club, he released a single entitled "You have to lose love (to love love) / A man named Paul" on Honey Bee Records. He worked with Horace Ott and Jay Ellis. With Horace Ott he had collaborated again previously at the Broadway Theatre, on Guys and Dolls. Horace Ott and Danny Holgate did orchestrations.
"You have to lose love (to love love)" was written and arranged by Horace Ott. Produced by Jay Ellis. Enjoy it !!! My copy includes stereo/mono versions of "You have to lose love (to love love)".

Jay Ellis had collaborated with the group Showdown previously Jive Five on the same label, releasing a disco single entitled "Keep doin it" in 1977.

Discography as Jimmy Randolph

A band of angels on Wing Records  1956
The Little Boy / Fallen angel on Mercury Records 1956
I want you to know / Wagon wheels on Mercury Records
Shangri-La / Summertime on Mercury Records
Where shall I go / Way beyond the hills on Decca Records  1957
Show me the way to go home / You have given this to me on Decca Records 1959
Let's work together on Decca Records 1960
This is my love / Don't Talk on Decca Records
Everybody needs something to believe in / All that I want on Jeff  Recording Co
Let's work together / What color is the love in your heart on Rama Rama Records
Donna's been kissed / The act  on Sylvia Records 1960
Silver Earring (Island) / My love will come by on London Records 1961
Mr.Groundhog / Walk the chalk line on  Harmon Records 1962
Gonna sit and cry / In the garden on Arlis Records 1965
Caravan of lonely man / Miracle after on Felsted Records
Plainsville. USA  on Motown Records 1973
You have to lose love (to love love) / A man named Paul on Honey Bee Records 1978

In 2008 it was released CD "Philadelphia Soul Rarities" which contains two songs of Jimmy Randolph. Both of these songs were produced by the great producer, songwriter Weldon Arthur McDougal III and probably they are unreleased. These songs entitled "No more beautiful days" and "All that I want" were recorded at Sigma Sound Studios in the early 70s.
I chose the track "No more beautiful days".

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Did Jimmy Randolph release any other records?  If you know then please email me at the address above.
## This article is dedicated only for those who love the music.

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