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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pauls People feat.Arta Abele - Summer fun

I have been looking for this record, if I remember right since 2009. Finally I was lucky and I found it. Pauls People was an obscure group from Canada. They released a few disco singles in various labels from Canada. One of them was released under the name Pauls People featuring Arta Abele entitled "I want you boy / Summer fun" in Blue Chip Records. It also entered on Canada charts in the late 1979. It was recorded at Zaza Sound Toronto, probably in 1979 and it was released in the same year as a single. It was produced by the great Paul Zaza.
Paul Zaza is a versatile composer who has over 175 feature films and television series.
I have chosen the B side entitled "Summer fun" and was written by Doug Wass. Enjoy it

Note: The above posted single is not played in full


BoogiE said...

superb sound ,I still go to a convention of vinyls, soon .... BôôgiE ;)

Doug Wass said...

I enjoyed writing and recording this track with Arta.
Produced by Paul Zaza @ Zaza Sound Studio.
Doug Wass

Souldennis said...

I want to thank Doug Wass, the composer of the song "Summer Fun", for his comment and all the info that he gave me!

Doug Wass said...

It was a pleasure being in touch with you.