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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Two songs with the same music

I had the opportunity to present the great artist Jimmy Randolph two times ago in my blog. I have also presented the soul group Sting and the album "Pleasure".
For the first time, I heard the song "You have to lose love (to love love)" of Jimmy Randolph on Paul Collins radio show in England several years ago. Later when I bought the album "Pleasure" of Sting and heard the song "Winning number", it reminded me something. Recently, I heard again the album of Sting and  I finally understood both of these songs have the same music with different lyrics.
I noticed that the label of Jimmy Randolph's vinyl mentions as composer Horrace Ott. However the album of Sting mentions as composers Jay Ellis, Eugene Pitt and Curtis Blandon.
It is worthy to note that Jimmy Randolph's 45" and the album of Sting have the same producer, Jay Ellis.

 Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full


Exclusive Music said...

amazing, very similar to this:
there is two lps, same music, same voices, exactly the same songs. i'm talking about "The Ennergy Commission - St (77) (Baby Grand) and "Ted Benson - Good For your Soul (silver rec)"

BoogiE said...

hi my friend, it is clear the jimmy is a killer, it is to possess 45t for the real lovers of sound, yet a great job my friend, congratulations, see you soon ... BôôgiE ... ;)