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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ron Browning - Music is a lonely life

As I have told you, I collect vinyls which include songs written by H.B.Barnum and Walter Johnson.  A day Walter Johnson brought to my attention the record 45" "Music is a lonely life" by Quinn Coleman. Some days later, I was very lucky and I found the same record on ebay by Ron Browning. It was unbelievable! The original was released by Quinn Coleman in 1983.

Ron Browning is a singer, songwriter, musician and teacher of voice. He is a member of NATS, the National Association of Teachers of Singing, NYSTA, New York Singing Teacher’s Association, and a voting member of The Grammy Foundation® and Country Music Award Association. He grew up in a musical family in the town of Vicco, Kentucky. He played piano in church at the early age. Ron did musical studies at UCLA, California State University at Northridge and the University of Kentucky.
In the 80s, he collaborated with H.B.Barnum. Ron Browning released a single entitled "Music is a lonely life / I hope we meet again next summer" on Vizion Records.

In 2006 Ron Browning released a jazz CD entitled "In A Sentimental Mood".

Note: The above posted track is not played in full


walter johnson said...

Once again you made my day, Ill be playing this all day, you do a great service for song writers like myself, Thanks, your friend ,Walter Johnson.

walter johnson said...

A song writer like myself truly appreciate a service like RarePhllySax ,we get to track our music from all around the world ,Once again, Thanks so much!

Souldennis said...

It is my honor when someone like you talks about me. Thank you so much Mr.Walter for your kind comments, and I would like to say that I will never stop collecting records with songs written by you and H.B.Barnum.