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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Blue Mitchell - Summer Soft 1978 Lp

What can I say for him ? Blue Mitchell was a great trumpet player. He was one of the best melodic players. He was unlucky, because he died in an early age. He was born in Miami on March 1930 and he died in Los Angeles on May 21, 1979 from cancer. I could say that today he would have been  the biggest trumpet player in the world if he had the opportunity to show more of his talent. He released 27 albums and he collaborated with other artists for over 60 albums. However, I will focus on the album which was in fact the last one in his career. The album entitled "Summer Soft" was released in 1978 on ABC Impulse Records.  It must have been 1997 or 1998 when I acquired this album. I bought it in Athens and it kept me company for many nights.

It was recorded at ABC Recording Studios, Los Angeles in 1977, CA. Many great artists accompanied Blue Mitchell on the album. Some of them were Harold Land, Herman Riley and Eddie Harris on sax, Richard Tee, Cedar Walton and Bobby Lyle on piano, Lee Ritenour on guitar, James Gadson on drums and Paulinho Da Costa on percussion. Background vocals by Julia Waters, Maxine Waters, Oren Waters and Luther Waters. Produced by Esmond Edwards.

Harold Land on sax

I have chosen two tracks entitled "Summer Soft" and "30 Degrees to the wind".
 "Summer Soft" original recording by Stevie Wonder. It was written by Stevie Wonder and was included on the album "Songs in the key of life". Harold Land plays saxophone on both songs. I must mention at that time Blue Mitchell and Harold Land were playing together.
"30 Degrees to the wind" was written by Cedar Walton and Susan Brickell. Cedar Walton recorded this song for himself in 1981 on the album Cedar Walton Solo.

"Summer Soft" Sample

"30 Degrees to the wind" Sample

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full


A. Cabrera said...

Great musician ... music from the best! Thanks
Angel Cabrera

BoogiE said...

verry good ;)