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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gloria Bagwell - Hello baby

Ron Henderson Jr on stage

First of all, I want to thank Ron Henderson Jr. singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer for all his info. 

Ron Henderson Jr and the late Duke Hall collaborated with Gloria Bagwell for a sort time. Although Gloria Bagwell had a great voice, she disappeared from the music scene. In the early 80s, Gloria released a single entitled "Hello baby / Can't be your lady" on Bill Jones Records. Both songs were produced by Duke Hall and Ron Henderson Jr.
The flip side "Can't be your lady" was written by Ron Henderson Jr. However the vinyl mentions the names of Ron Jr. and Duke Hall. Duke Hall used to put his name on the label as a songwriter.

This song is a funky sound like all the typical funky songs of the early 80s.

The other song of the vinyl "Hello baby" is a beautiful ballad. It is worthy to note that some people learnt from Dottie Pearson the song "Hello baby". I had the opportunity to mention Dottie Pearson when I presented my article about Ron Henderson Sr. on my blog. In 2006 the label Grapevine released a CD named "House made of love" by Dottie Pearson. In this CD, it was included the nice song "Hello baby" .

Dottie Pearson is more known today as the gospel star Dottie Peoples. I must mention that this version is not the first, because the first recording and release was by Gloria Bagwell.

"Hello Baby" was written by the late Duke Hall.

Except for the two versions of the "Hello Baby", there are two more by Cristi Zastrow and Ron Henderson Sr. Cristi was the girlfriend of Duke Hall. She was also singer of the group called Living Color in the late 70s. In 1987 Christi Zastrow  released a single as a solo singer entitled "Hello baby" on the label of Ron Henderson Sr.named Choice Cut Records. In fact this single is the last one of the label.
Ron Henderson Sr. recently recorded this song. You can hear it here.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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