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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jim Mancel - Easy life 1981

Jim Mancel is a singer from Canada. He appeared in 1970 when he released a single entitled "I could give you the world". It was released on Polydor Records. Later he joined the rock group named Chester. Chester was formed in late 1972 by Glen Morrow. Then he followed a solo career and released a single entitled "Let the phone ring / Jenny" on Celebration Records in 1975. He collaborated with the guitarist, keyboartist Glen Morrow from the group Chester. Jim Mancell and Glen Morrow wrote both songs.

Then he released another single entitled "Just be yourself" which was written again by Jim and Glen. It was released on Change Records in 1977.
Three years later he sang for the group called The Northern Light Orchestra. He performed the song "We had a dream (The dream song)" and he was also co-songwriter, co-producer and co-arranger.
At the same time he released another single entitled "Heart of a lion". It was released on Quality Records. It was written by Jim Mancel, John Marmora and Barry Gee. Produced and arranged by Jim Mancel and John Marmora.

Next year, he collaborated with the Longo Brothers. He released a single entitled "Easy Life" on People City Music. This song was written by Frank and Larry Longo.

Produced and arranged by Jim Mancel and John Marmora.

I don't have further information concerning Jim Mancel's career after 1981.
I must mention that I have presented four times The Longo Brothers. First it was the single "Looking for love" and the second time the instrumentals "Manhattan / Nightwalk". Then I presented the single "Nightlife / Coast to coast" and the album of Patti Janetta 1981.

Note: The above posted singles are not played in full


A. Cabrera said...

Nice music and nice voice, did not know him, thank you very much for this wonderful music …
Angel Cabrera...

Remy said...

It's too bad that Jim Mancel didn't have a bigger career as a solo artist -- "Let The Phone Ring" is top-notch blue-eyed soul and one of my all-time favourites. It would also appear that very little is known about him. So... whatever happened to Jim Mancel?