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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Short Tribute To Charles Love of Bloodstone

Left to Right: Willis Draffen Jr, Harry Williams, Charles McCormick and Charles Love
I decided to make an article for a short tribute to Charles Love founder, singer, songwriter and guitarist of the group Bloodstone who died a few a days ago on 7 March 2014 due to complications from pneumonia in his home town of Kansas City, Missouri.
The group was formed in 1962 during a talent show at Central High School in Kansas City, Missouri. Harry Williams and Roger Durham were in one vocal group, Charles Love and Charles McCormick in another, while the guitarist Willis Druffen Jr. and the drummer Melvin Webb made up one half of a four-piece band. In fact they were a seven - piece band members along with Kenneth Smith. They started under the name The Sinceres a name adopted from Harry and Roger's old group.
The group moved to Los Angeles, California. By 1971, the band consisted of Melvin Webb on drums, Roger Durham on percussion, Charles Love on guitar and vocals, Charles McCormick on bass, Harry Williams on percussion, and Willis Draffen on guitar. The managers George Braunstein and Ron Hamady also replaced their drummer Melvin Webb with Eddie Summers, a resident of Los Angeles, California.
In total the group has recorded eleven albums until in 1984.
Unfortunately Charles Love did not sing any hit of Bloodstone because Harry Williams and Charles McCormick sang most songs of the group. However Charles Love has written some great ballads. I have chosen three (3) tracks written by himself.

The first song is the title track "We Go A Long Way Back" of 1982 which was released on T-Neck Records. This song reached #5 at R&B charts in the spring of 1982. Bloodstone met manager Kitty Sears who believed in "We Go A Long Way Back". With Kitty Sears' help, they landed a deal with The Isley Brothers' T-Neck label.
Produced, arranged and conducted by McKinley Jackson. Executive production by Isley Brothers.

Charles McCormick decided to leave the group and was replaced by Ron Wilson and Ronald Bell. Harry Williams had spotted in an L.A. nightclub. They cut one more album for T-Neck Records entitled "Party" in 1984.
From this album I have chosen the tracks "It Feels So Good (With You)" and "Why Be The First One Home" which were written by Charles Love.
Arranged by Gene Page. Produced by McKinley Jackson. I want to note that "Why Be The First One Home" can be heard anytime and anywhere with pleasure.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full


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