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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rhapsody - Rainbow Day 1981

Hello my friends, a year and a half ago I had presented an article concerning Nick Fradiani Sr. and Rhapsody. At that moment, I did not mention on my article a record 45" "Rainbow Day" which was released on Counterpoint Records in the late 1981, This record 45" was released seven months after the album release.

Although the song was used more widely in 1982, in fact it was recorded and was released in the late 1981 for a talk radio show called "Take a stand with Father John" on KC 101 as the theme song. KC 101 was a Connecticut based radio station which was often involved in public service and community causes, such as weekly telethons etc. The five-hour show of chaplin, Father John Gatzak, "Take a stand with Father John" consisted of telephone conversations during which the priest offered sociological and psychological advice on moral issues. Between the conversations, hit music was played, as well as some skits.

The song "Rainbow Day" was penned by Nick Fradiani Sr. On the vocals Nick Fradiani Sr. and Asa Harris.

Finally I wanted to mention the big success of Nick Fradiani Jr on American Idol XIV. I would never have believed a year and a half ago, when I presented my first article about Nick Fradiani Sr. and mentioned his talented son, that as we're talking at the moment he would be the big winner of a successful talent show, with a promising and glorious music career ahead of him.

Note: Some informations were taken by Nick Fradiani Sr. himself and the Billboard magazine  of 1981.

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