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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Souldennis Live On Coni-OnAir 13-11-2016)

Hello my friends. A few days ago, we were close to reach a dream, trying really hard to get it, but in the end we couldn’t make it. When you come in contact with an artist from America, not necessarily famous, but at least known and you try to get him to appear on air in a show like "Souldennis'Time " here on Coni-OnAir and in Greece, there is always the danger of failure. Although our emotions were being constantly changed and disappointment was in the end what we felt, moving on with our most powerful feeling and “weapon”, which is our love for music, we are here to keep you company with music coming from Neptune, as the name of our radio station shows (Community of Neptune Imagination). The reason behind this effort was a rare 45” which I recently got, concerning a musical of 1979 called "A New York Summer" which was played in Radio City Music Hall, one of the biggest theatres in New York City. So we had the chance to come in contact with the man who was behind the production and composition of the music and songs heard in this 1979 musical. The reference of his name, especially in our country, might not say much. However, when someone is seriously involved and gets to know his achievements and success, he will definitely understand the magnitude and quality of such an artist. We are talking about an artist who has worked as a composer, producer, singer, arranger and creative director in countless successful occasions in music, TV, movies and plays. An artist who has cooperated with Elvis Presley, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Cher, Barbara Streisand and many more. He was assistant producer and vocal arranger in one of the most well-known songs in the world, “We Are The World”, which was recorded in 1985 for Africa. He has also written several successful songs, like “Julie Do You Love Me” for Bobby Sherman and “She’s Out Of My Life” for Michael Jackson for his 1979 album “Off The Wall”. He was in Quincy Jones’ composing team and participated in his gold albums “Body Heat”, “Mellow Madness”, “Sounds...And Stuff Like That”, “Q’s Juke Joint” and in the soundtrack albums “The Wiz” and “The Color Purple”. For all of the above, today from 7pm to 9pm (GMT+2) (Athens Time 19:00-21:00), I am going to present a short feature to Thomas Bähler. You will also enjoy, as always, songs, known and not, from soul and jazz music scenes. We will be glad to see you on air!

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