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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Jeff Adams - Where Did The Good Times Go 1974 (45)

This vinyl record is one of my favorites. It is a great unknown record 45 from Canada. I discovered it two years ago and I bought it a year ago. It includes vocals and an instrumental version. Both are fantastic. The instrumental version includes solo saxophone by the Canadian sax and flute player Keith Jollimore. Keith was a member of the Canadian jazz group called Dr.Music under the direction of Doug Riley. He was also member of the rock group Lighthouse.

Jeff Adams is an unknown singer. There are not much information about him. However, it is worthy to note that he has an absolutely fantastic voice. This great song "Where Did The Good Times Go" was written by Canadian duet Chuck Aarons and Jim Ackley. They released two albums in the early 70's. I want to mention that Jeff Adams released this song again the same year under the name Jeff Addams. In 1974, he also released another record 45 entitled "Haven't You Had Enough / Take Me Back" on Mellow Man Records.
Billboard magazine referred to Jeff Adams back in August 1973. Actually, it was mentioned that Chuck Aarons and Jim Ackley would record an album with him.

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