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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Formula V - Phase 1 1977

This album was recorded on 20th Century Records in 1977. In this Lp, Formula V were Richard Cason on keyboards & vocals, Leon Kittrell on drums & vocals, Billy Ray Charles on lead guitar & vocals, Earl J. Espy on bass & vocals and Alfreda James on vocals. Horn & String Arrangements by H.B.Barnum & Charles Richard Cason. Produced by Pete Peterson & Charles Richard Cason. I chose a wonderful track entitled "We've got such a good love" duet Richard Cason with Alfreda James.

Charles Richard Cason is best known for his Rich Cason Orchestra of the early '80s and for his contributions to electro-funk and West Coast hip-hop; it was Cason who wrote the music for Captain Rapp's sociopolitical 1983 cult classic "Bad Times (I Can't Stand It)."

1. Come And Get Yourself Some 1974 (as Formula IV)
2. Phase 1 1977 (as Formula V)
3. Determination 1985 (as Formula 5)
4. On the rise 1986 (as Formula 5)

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

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