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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sandra Richardson

Detroit vocalist Sandra Richardson earned a good local reputation. She has recorded for a variety of labels, including Venture, Krisma, Catawba, Grandstand, and Robbins. Sandra Richardson recorded some songs in decade 70. She began in 1971 when she released a single “I feel a song (in my heart) / The ring” for Buddah records. Then in 1974 she released another single entitled “Stay here with me / Don’t let me down” on Inter Soul records.
In 1978 she collaborated for one more time with Tony Camillo and released a single on Dellwood Records for Venture productions entitled “Love to be your woman / Waiting for the last goodbye”. Produced, arranged and conducted by Tony Camillo.
In fact the collaboration of Sandra and Tony Camillo began when she released a single “I feel a song (in my heart) / The ring” in 1971.

Then she changed her name to Sandra Feva. Sandra released her first album as Sandra Feva in 1979 on Venture records entitled “The need to be”. The song “Love to be your woman” was included on the album, who she had earlier recorded. The label was owned by the legendary Tony Camillo.

The same year she sang on Sir John Roberts' album called "Sophisticated Funk Orchestra" which was released on Tony Camillo's label Venture Records. This album was recorded at Magic Wand Sound Studios, Burbank,CA.

Sandra performed the song entitled "Do you believe in fate". Composed by John Roberts, P.V.Roberts, R.Williams, Cecile Barker. Produced, arranged and conducted by Sir John Roberts.

She also recorded two more albums entitled “Savoir faire” on Venture records in 1981 and “Fever all through the night” on Grandstand records in 1987.

In 1984 she sang with Kellie Evans and Don Albert. They released a single entitled "The rhythm & the blues / Have you tried jesus" on Get Down Records from Detroit.

"The rhythm & the blues" composed by Miche Braden, B.Hankenson, R.Milner. Arranged by Miche Braden. Produced by T.H.Bowles Jr & B.Hankerson.

In 1986 she released an ultra rare single entitled “You can’t come up here no more” on Arsis records, under the name of Epicenter.

This single re-released on Krisma Records. The same year she sang along with Pat Lewis for saxophonist Duane Parham. Duane Parham released a single "I was just alone in this world" on Saxville Records from Detroit.

Note: The above posted songs are not played in full

#  "Waiting for the last goodbye" first recording by Shades Of Blu in 1975.

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