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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Fannie Clark Singers - Wonderful Love 1983 Lp

The Fannie Clark Singers was an obscure gospel/soul group from Memphis. This group formed by Fannie Clark in 1969. Fannie Clark is a composer, piano player and singer. In this album most of the musicians are unknown. William "Bill" Spears on drums, Leroy Hodges on bass, Andrew Jackson on organ, Derek Clark and Fannie Clark on piano, Michael Wiley, Thomas Bingham and Wendall Moore on guitars, Andrew Jackson and Michael Allen on synthesizers, The Memphis Strings on violins and, Michael Allen and William Spears on percussion. The singers are Thelma Shannon, Dianne Collins, Bonnie White, Maggie Bratcher, Charles Livingston, Diane Bratcher, Lawrence Collins and Fannie Clark. It is worthy to note that a whole album was produced by Willie Mitchell.

I chose the title track. Composed by Andrew Jackson.

Note: The above posted track is not played in full


Leonard said...

Thanks for giving me a place to share a loving memory of my cousin, Charles Liningston, Jr., singing "Long As I Got King Jesus" as only he could.

Sing on, "June Bug", sing on!
Leonard Elion, Seattle WA

Souldennis said...

Thank you very much for your kind comments.

JC said...

Wassup brother? I was just listening to this LP a few days ago.Mrs. Clark is my mother! This group was definitely ahead of its time! I'm a keyboardist/bassplayer as well.Derek is my brother and Andrew is my 1st cousin.The bassist on this record(Leroy Hodges) is the bassist on ALL of Al Green's hit records produced by the late,great Poppa Willie Mitchell! He's definitely known amongst the great musicians.Thanks for posting this!

Jackie Clark

Mode Eclectique said...

Thanks for posting this. This was truly an excitng time in this group's career, writing and arranging some of the first contemporary gospel music in the city of Memphis and probably around the nation during that time. Working with "Poppa" Willie Mitchell who later became a friend and mentor was an experience that we will never in peace "Poppa"

Unknown said...

William Spears is my uncle. I remember him bringing the album home right after they finished it. We where so proud of him actually the whole neighborhood was proud of them I remember this all too well.