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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mix Samples-Show 31-12-09 by Souldennis

For second time I make mix samples-show. It will be featured once a month. You can enjoy it. I wish you Happy New Year.

1. Perry Botkin Jr - Lady ice 1977 (A & M Lp)
2. Carlena Williams - (When I'm) touching you 1984 (Broadcast 7 inch)
3. Tommy Stewart - I could never say goodbye 1978 (Previously Unreleased)
4. Richard Stepp - When we meet again 1979(Infinity Lp)
5. Dexter Wansel - New beginning 1979 (Philadelphia International Lp)
6. The Futures - Sunshine and you 1978 (Philadelphia International Lp)
7. Mahdi & Tracy Kerr - Who are you 1980 (Indy 5 7 inch)
8. Terry McCullough - Love castles 1985 (Rush Street 7 inch)
9. Billy Baker - Describing love 1982 (Garden City 7 inch)

10. Joe Farrell - Another star 1978 (Warner Bros Lp)

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Williams Family - Lord, you can depend on me 1981

The Williams Family was a gospel group. They recorded two albums on Malaco Records in 1979 and 1981. In 1981 they released an album entitled “I gave my life to Jesus”. It was recorded at Malaco Studios, in Jackson, Mississippi.
Musicians were Paul Peters, Leonard Williams & Doug Williams on bass, Frank Williams and Migge on guitars, Brian Williams on drums, Haran Griffin on keyboards. Produced by Frank Williams and Haran Griffin.
I have chosen the track entitled “Lord, you can depend on me”.

Note: The above posted track is not played in full


After six days of holidays in Vienna, I'm here.

Καλά Χριστούγεννα

Merry Christmas

Froehliche Weihnachten

Joyeux Noel

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I will be off for about 6 days. I’ll get back for more soul music.

Leshada - We are the children 1981

I decided to post this song because it fits with the Christmas. This 7 inch is ultra rare. I don't know if Leshada is group or single artist. It was released on Leshada Records. Composed by Lester Jerome Martin and the great (one and only) Al Johnson. Arranged by Howard Alston. Published by Rodney Friend. Rodney Friend for many years was along with the gospel singer Philip Nicholas. Date of Publication: May 29, 1981.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Friday, December 18, 2009

James Vincent - How Can I Thank You Enough 1978

James Vincent is a guitarist from Chicago. He has never been content to be a student of one style music.
In 1978 he recorded and released a single entitled “How Can I Thank You Enough” on Caribou Records. It was distributed by CBS Records. It was also included on his album entitled "Waiting for the rain". However the single is a bit different from the LP track. Composed and produced by himself.

While the music was still very much R&B jazz fusion the lyrics boldly reflected his newfound Christian conversion while staying in Hawaii. It shipped world wide because of Space Traveler's success and he received hundreds of letters in support of this record, which had crossed over with a message in secular music that was unprecedented.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Monday, December 14, 2009

Patrick Gammon - When can I see you ? 1978

Patrick Gammon is a German singer. This single was released only in Italy in 1978. Also it was included on the album entitled "Effervescence" on Mercury Records in 1978. Composed and arranged by himself. Produced by Bob Monaco.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

# I would like to thank from France for info about the album "Effervescence"

Friday, December 11, 2009

James Ingram & Garland Green

In 1980 Lamont Dozier formed the soul group Zingara. Lamont found a trio of singers James Ingram, Lady Bianca and Wali Ali. Lamont Dozier said: "My wife Barbara knew singer James Ingram. James was very well known around Los Angeles for singing on everyone's demos”. Before I knew what had happened, one of the songs, "Love's calling" had turned into this huge cult radio hit and people were jumping up and down looking for the guy behind the record. “I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever written and produced,” affirms Lamont.

At the time, Geffen Records called and wanted to sign the album - and the group, too. “But I was already kinda involved with the people at Wheel Records, so I stuck with them. Maybe I took the wrong option” said Lamont. Zingara released an album in 1981 on Wheel records.

In 1979, Green decided that he needed a fresh start. So he made the move from Chicago to Los Angeles. Garland Green explained “My reason for leaving was not the record business, but I just wanted to change the environment.
He struggled to find a label for six years (after RCA album) and finally, in 1983, got a contract with Ocean-Front Records. Tyrone Davis was recording for the label at the time. Green recorded under the production of Arleen Schesel (Schesel and Green made a love connection and got married). However Lamont Dozier gave him creative help (as arranger) and he brought his songs to the table, including “Trying to hold on”, a remake of Dozier’s hit from a decade earlier. The record lasted ten weeks on Billboard’s national R&B chart, going to the #67 position. Flip side was another Dozier song from Zingara entitled “Love’s calling”.

With the success of the single, Ocean-Front released an Lp on Green, simply called “Garland Green”. Unfortunately, the label poorly marketed their artist by giving it slapdash cheap-looking packaging.

Which one you think is better? Please tell me your opinion.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jackie English

Jackie English was an unknown female singer. She released 7 incher entitled "Once a night / Please let me be the other woman" on Venture records in 1980. The song "Once a night" was recorded for the motion picture "Hopscotch". Arranged and conducted by Tony Camillo (He was owner on Venture Records). Produced by Tony Camillo and Cecile Barker.

Composed by Jackie English and Beverly Bremers.

Composed by Jackie English and John Stroll.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Sunday, December 6, 2009


For one more time, I'm the bidding winner !!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lea Roberts - My Silent Place 1982 Lp

Lea Roberts was born Leatha Roberta Hicks in Dayton, Ohio on 15 April, 1946. She began to record in the late 60s. She recorded many songs until 1975. She released two albums in 1973-1975 on United Artists Records. Her R&B recording of Neil Sedaka's Laughter In The Rain went to #20 on the R&B charts.
In 1982 she released a mega rare album entitled “My silent place” on Skies Unlimited Records. The musicians were Rob Mullins and Ellyn Rucker on piano, John Merola and Ron Moewes on drums, Marty Ruddy on bass, Laura Newman on all Saxes and alto sax solo, Jeff Jarvis Flugelhorn solo, Kelli Ethridge on guitar. Jesse Ceci, Cathy Ceci & Millie Stubblefield on violins. Yvette Stewart & John Cemmons on background vocals. John Clemmons male lead vocal on “I won’t fall in love”. Arranged and conducted by Rob Mullins. Produced by pianist/songwriter, Michael Eldridge.

I have chosen three tracks entitled "Love can break you", "Another lonely night" and "I won't fall in love".

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Yes!!! It belongs to me. A big success. I'm the bidding winner !!! This is my life. I want one more … and I will stop…

Johnny Bristol - Rosebud 1981

This song is not rare, but definitely one of my personal favorites. The first time I heard this song was on a radio show in Greece in 1995, without knowing who the artist was. Then I started looking for artists with deep voices in my reference books.

Finally I found it. He was Johnny Bristol. Immediately I bought this 12 inch from London. It was released only in England on Hansa Records. Also it is included on the album entitled "Free to be me" on Handshake Records in 1981. Composed by Johnny Bristol and Hense Powel. Strings and horn arranged by the great H.B.Barnum. Produced by Johnny Bristol.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full.