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Friday, March 26, 2010

Curtis Cary - Girl of my dreams 1982

Curtis (Gino) Cary was an unknown singer. He was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia. Cary came by his love and appreciation of music naturally on the street corners of Norfolk where he popped.
Curtis began his professional music career in Norfolk, Virginia, when he became a member of a vocal group called the Anglos. Travelling from coast to coast in the US the group performed at such places as: The Uptown (Philadelphia), The Apollo (New York), The Regal (Virginia) and the Howard (Washington).
He gained much valuable experience with the Anglos backing up such greats as Dionne Warwick, Curtis Mayfield , The Impressions, Jerry Butler and Sam Cooke.
The group also achieved success with a few recordings of their own and it was with them that he first entered a recording studio.
In 1972 Curtis formed his own showband and along with his friend Norris Vines placed audiences throughout Canada and the USA for more than 10 years.
Based mainly in Toronto, however, the group spent a large percentage of their time in and around the Toronto area entertaining in such places as Zodiac Room (Ramada Inn), Canary Cottage (Triumph Hotel), Beaton’s in Toronto and the Penthouse (Sheraton Foxhead Hotel) in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
In 1982 released his first single and has also put together his own group called “The Crew”.
Curtis Cary released 12 inch on Crew Records from Canada which includes two songs entitled “Girl of my dreams” and “Sailor of the road”. They were recorded at Round Sound Studios, Ontario.

The musicians were Lester Boyke on bass, Tony Craig on drums, Kingsley Ettienne on keyboards, Leroy Emmanuel on guitar, Vern Dorge on Tenor and Alto saxophones, Rick Waychesko on trumpet, Flugle Horn.
Arranged, Horns and Strings by Vern Dorge. Produced by Kingsley Ettienne. Music by Kingsley Ettienne. Lyrics by Curtis Cary and Norris Vines.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full