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Friday, June 4, 2010

Target - On Target 1979 Lp

Target was an obscure soul group. They released an album entitled "On Target". This album is ultra rare. It was released on Sunshine Records in 1979. It was produced and arranged by Robert Eaton. He was a member of the vocal group from Detroit called "Brothers Of Soul" along with Fred Bridges and Richard Knight. Later Fred Bridges, Robert Eaton and Richard Knight were a powerful group producing albums.

I have chosen three tracks entitled "What I'm gonna do" , "All the lights are out" and "For who we are" respectively.

I don't know if Target is the same group from New York, who has recorded the song "Give me one more chance". Target was formed in central New York in 1975. Target Band were Michelle Raehm and Vincent Esposito on vocals, Brian Raehm on bass, and Maurice Putrello on drums.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full


Soul Bonanza said...

Damn! That are some class tracks, and completely unknown to me! Now I just have to find the LP! Cheers for pointing out the direction. BTW, there's a nice compilation of Eatons' 'Brothers Of Soul' tracks which I have - I'll post it in "Beat's" place if you need it.

PhillyDave said...

This one has been on my wants list for a while now, I'm yet to hunt down a reasonably priced copy. Superb LP. Brothers Of Soul aka Bridges/Eaton/Knight released lots of fabulous 45s on the Boo label at the start of the 7ts. "Dream" & "Try it babe" are awesome.

Mr_Magic777 said...

where do I get this album?
Please write me ...