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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Serenade - La la for love 1987

Serenade was an obscure soul funk group. They started to record in the mid 80s and released some singles on Out Front Records and Phoenix Records. The group became more known with another single called "Maybe this time / Canteen" on Out Front Records. Also "Canteen" was included on Disco Compilation by Dimitri on Paris called "Cocktail Disco".
In 1987 they released a single on Phoenix Records from Chicago entitled "La la for love / I like the little boy in you". At that time the group probably recorded an album but I have never seen it.
Produced by legendary from Chicago Clarence Johnson. Clarence Johnson was known for many productions such as Patti and The Lovelites, Brighter Side of Darkness, Heaven and Earth, Coffee and Michigan Avenue.
I have chosen a soulful song "La la for love". It was written by Al Muldrow and Ray Chambers in 1984.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full.

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PhillyDave said...

They also recorded another track on Out Front called "When love is gone" b/w "Can't lose". The A side is a fabulously catchy dancer.

(PS. I have a yt channel that may be of interest;
- this isn't an ad, just trying to share the music like this excellent blog.) :)