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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cecilio - Cecilio 1983 Lp

Cecilio David Rodriguez is an artist who became known for his collaboration in a duet with a Hawaiian musician called Henry Kapono.
Cecilio Rodriguez was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. He formed his first band during high school years. Later he moved to Los Angeles. In L.A. he met with Little Antony who was the lead singer of the group The Imperials. Cecilio played guitar and helped the group  as musical director. They collaborated for a number of years.
Cecilio later joined the group called Proverty Train. They toured Hawaii as a group. He had the chance to  meet the Hawaiian musician called Henry Kapono. Soon both of the musicians agreed to team up and so the musical duo Cecilio & Kapono was born.

They released four albums until 1981 where at that time the duo broke up and Cecilio Rodriguez chose a solo career.
In 1983 Cecilio Rodriguez released an album which was released in Japan on WoodRell Records. I want to note that Cecilio doesn't mention this album on his site. Also many websites don't mention this album on his discography. Maybe it is an ultra rare because it was released only in Japan.

It was recorded at Sea-West Studios, Hawaii. The musicians were Kevin Daley on drums and timbales, John Gallarde and David Inamine on bass, David Yosh Gibson on piano, Cecilio Rodriguez on guitar and congas, Rock Hendricks on tenor sax. All vocals by himself. Female vocals on "Old Enough" by Loyal Garner. Background vocals by Jo Anne Miles, Melinda Caroll and himself. Produced by himself and Gaylord Holomalia. All solo sax by Rock Hendricks.
My favorite songs are "Lisa Love" , "Here We Are" and "Old Enough".

Lisa Love (Sample)

Here We Are (Sample)

Old Enough (Sample)

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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killer lp, one of the best recent discoveries, so much rare, and very westcoast influences, always your page, number one in sophisticated music.