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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sting - Pleasure 1978 Lp

Sting was an obscure soul/funk group which released one and only one album in 1978 on ABC Records. Members of the group were Eugene Pitt, Richard Harrris and two girls Janae and Sheila. Eugene Pitt and Richard Harris previously were members of the known group Jive Five. Perhaps ABC didn't give it enough promotion. Perhaps the radio producers didn't play this album enough. It is not a fantastic album but it is better than other albums which received more recognition. Produced by Jay Ellis who previously was manager of Jive Five.
My favorite fantastic song is entitled "Do it in the shower". Composed by D.J.Michaels and Lester Hodelin. I want to mention that this song was released as a single entitled "Do it in the shower / Theme from brat" on Midsong International Records in 1979. "Theme from brat" is a Psychedelic soul  instrumental which was not included on the album in 1978. Today it is an extremely rare single.

It is worthy to note that  I heard this song  on Solar radio by Paul Collins show in 2005. Immediately I bought this album and later I also found the single.

Note: The above posted track is not played in full


Grey'n'Groovy said...

Nice & smooth sound, but as you mentioned, "not a fantastic" one.
Sounds like Barry White a little.

dj new york city said...

Too bad there's no video for this, it would be amazing! Sting with a silver vest and mullet, maybe like McGruber!