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Friday, May 6, 2011

Barry Duke - I'm leaving 1983

Barry Wade Duke was born in 1954. Barry is a singer with a great voice as well as being a producer, composer and saxophone player.
To understand more about Barry Duke I came in contact with Ron Henderson Jr. (the son of Ron Henderson Sr. who became known in the 70s with the group  Ron Henderson & Choice of Colour). He has been performing since the age of 14 following in his dad's footsteps. He has performed, written and produced for various artists such as Jerry Butler, Al Wilson, The Platters, Brook Benton, Percy Sledge, Ron Henderson and The Choice of Colours, Major Lance, Archie Bell, Barry Duke, Billy Scott and many others.
Ron told me: Barry Duke is one of the most talented and dedicated producers, songwriters, and musicians I have ever come in contact with.  I am proud to say he is more than my partner, my friend, "he is my brother".

Ron Henderson Jr. on stage
Ron Henderson Jr. as he recalls, first started out recording with Barry in the early 80s and they became partners and are still active today. Barry Duke wrote the song "I'm leaving" and Ron along with Barry produced and arranged it. They first recorded it on cassette.
Richard Robinson was also their partner at that time and was very instrumental in the success of the recording. They then released it on Ron Henderson Sr.'s label Choice Cut Records.

Composed by Barry Duke. Arranged by Alan Kaufman. Produced by Ron Henderson Jr.

The other side of the vinyl record is entitled "Gotta find a way". Composed by Pervis Lee Jr. and Duke Hall. Produced and arranged by Ron Henderson Jr.

At that time Choice Cut Records also released the single "Gemini Lady" which was by Ron Henderson and The Choice of Colour.
I asked Ron Henderson Jr. if they had recorded other songs at that time. Ron told me that they recorded two songs entitled "Ready or not" and "Love bandit" which were never released due to unforseen occurences. Later Barry Duke recorded  "Love bandit" with the group The Catalinas which was written originally by Ron Henderson Jr.

The same year Barry Duke joined the group The Entertainers. The Entertainers released an album on HMC Records. It was recorded at HMC Studios, Charlotte, NC. Barry sang and played saxophone on this album. He sang again the song "I'm leavin". The album was produced by Alan Kaufman.

Alan Kaufman
I want to mention that Alan Kaufman was also producer on the albums, The Fabulous Kays' entitled "Deep in the night" in 1983 and Terri Gore's entitled "Movin on" in 1984.
I came in contact with Alan Kaufman. Alan told me that Barry Duke was very easy to work with as well as being very professional. He would do whatever it took to perfect something in the studio, because he enjoyed the process so very much. Alan Kaufman also enjoying working with  Barry Duke and the whole band.

The members of The Entertainers who played on this album were Hugh "Tuff" Blanton on bass and background vocals, Earl Dawkins on lead vocals, Barry Duke on lead vocals and saxophone, Richie Lengel on guitar, Richard Robertson on trumpet and background vocals, Ric Sanders on keyboards and background vocals. Produced by Alan Kaufman.

After his period in the group The Entertainers, Barry Duke left and joined another group called The Fabulous Kays. Later, from 1991 to 2001 he sang for The Catalinas. After that he went to the Robin Rogers Band, then The Night Crawlers, in which he is currently still playing.

The Night Crawlers

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

#  I would like to thank Ron Henderson Jr. for all his info and his help. He is currently performing with the band (The Executives) that backs up "Chairmen of the Board"

## Also I would like to thank Alan Kaufman.

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