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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Duke Jones Projects

Albert "Duke" Jones was born in 1952. Trumpeter Albert Jones is known to all friends as "Duke". He began playing trumpet at the age of nine. In elementary school and through White Plains High School, "Duke" played and formed a band. In the beginning Duke Jones and Porter Carroll formed a band called "Newban" and they released two albums on Guiness Records. Later they changed their name to Atlantic Star.
I want to mention for the history that founding members of the Newban and later Atlantic Star were only Duke Jones and Porter Carroll.
Allthough he was a founding member of the famous group Atlantic Star he went to a solo career. He joined to The Starship Orchestra. In 1979 he played for Norman Connors on the album "Invitation" on Arista Records.
He also played on the self-titled disco funky album by Fingers. In fact Fingers (Chris Adams and Michael Ford) released an album on RCA Records in 1979. It was recorded at Minot Sound Studios, White Plains, New York.

Duke Jones played solo trumpet on the track "On my way back home". It is a great song whose music was written by Chris Adams and lyrics was written by Chris Adams and Michael Ford.

2005: Albert "Duke" Jones, Chris Adams and Michael Ford
At the same time he collaborated with Lonnie Liston Smith and played on his album entitled "Love is the answer" which was released in 1980 on CBS Records. The same year he appeared on the Atlantic Star album "Radiant" on A&M Records.

In 1981 he appeared on the Norman Connors album entitled "Mr. C" with The Starship Orchestra. He and saxophonist Marion Meadows did arrangement on horns of the self-titled track. Composed by Starship Orchestra. Arranged and conducted by Norman Connors and Jacques Burvick.

In 1982 he formed a band called The Duke Jones Project and released a single entitled "Topaz / I'll never stop" on Charlie Records from New York. It was distributed by TSOB (The Sound of Brooklyn Records). Produced by Albert Duke Jones, Cooper & Fulton.

"Topaz" is a great funky jazz instrumental. Composed by himself and G.Pablis.

The other song "I'll never stop" is a mid-tempo in which appears an unknown female singer.

The same year he participated on the Atlantic Star album "Brilliance" on A&M Records. A few years later he played again for Atlantic Star and the album "All in the name of love" which was released in 1987 on Warner Bros.Records.

Albert Duke Jones has toured to Japan, Europe and Africa working with musicians such as The Temptations, Angela Bofill, Larry Coryell and Marion Meadows.
In 1992, Duke served as Vice President of Creole Records, a label started with the band mate August Darnell (Kid Creole). The label, distributed by Nippon Columbia, released seven CD’s in Japan and the U.S.

In 1994 he released his debut album (CD) entitled "Thunder Island" on Three Brothers Music under the help  of David Lewis from Atlantic Star and Norman Connors on production.

In 2005, he formed Café Soul All-Stars and recorded their debut CD “Love Pages” in which featured George Benson, Roy Ayers and Kenny Garrett among other great musicians.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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