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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Harold is back on vinyl

Ladies and gentlemen, I have the pleasure to announce that Borka Records and Harold re-released "In The Cool Of The Night / Shortage of love" in December 2011. This single was originally released in late 1982 on Je-Har Records and soon became pick hit of the week in Billboard Magazine in early ‘83.
Two years ago I presented Harold on my blog. I was fortunate to speak with him. Harold is a singer, musician, composer and co-owner of Je-Har Records from Milwaukee. Harold's career as a crossover balladeer has spanned over 30 years. A popularly featured artist in Milwaukee's leading entertainment venues, including the famous Cotton Club, from the late '70s to '90s.

Harold in the summer 1982 recorded the songs "In The Cool Of The Night" and "Shortage of love" at Cornerstone Recording Studio, Milwaukee. The musicians were Johnnie Mills on guitar, Tommy Ford on bass, Wareen (Vito) Wiegartz on sax, Michael Resse on keyboards and Leonard Washington on drums. Backing vocals by Charity Marie, Cora Kemp and Taneka. All music written, produced and arranged by Harold.

Harold returned to discography releasing a CD entitled "For the love of a woman" on his own label called Harold in 2009. And of course he will never stop composing and singing music.

However, I want to note that one special moment of Harold's career was the participation in the group called The Perfections. They were young teenagers and Harold was 15 years old. The Perfections was born during  1971Members of the group were HaroldWilliam FlakesDarrell Bates and Claxton Winters. They have been rehearsing in his parents basement every day. They formed a promising group but it seemed they weren't able to find a trustworthy manager. At that time many articles were written for their choreography Perfections'. It was Harold, who undertook the responsibility of the choreography.
The Perfections released one and only single entitled "Till I get home / Can this be real" on Calgar Records in 1978. 

The musicians were J.C.Mabone on guitar, Coley Jackson on drums, Steve Williams on bass. The horn arrangements were done by a guy out of Chicago who went by the name of Tom Tom 84. The guy who produced it was the owner of Calgar Records named Cal Monegar. A guy by the name of Gerald Armstead wrote "Till I Get Home", William Flakes wrote "Can This Be Real", he was the 1st Tenor. 

"Till I get home" (sample)

"Can this be real" (Sample)

Many dissapointments resulted in the group being disbanded. Harold went solo in 1979.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Everyone who is interested in the vinyl, can come in contact with Borka Records (

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