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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mix Samples-Show 01-01-2012 by Souldennis

I decided to present a special mix samples show. First of all, I want to thank Nicolas Drosos who brought to my attention the album of Ahmad Jamal several years ago. I also want to thank "BoogiE" from France who brought to my attention the album of Bobby Curtis.

I wish all my visitors a Happy New Year. Enjoy !!! 

1. Ahmad Jamal - Bad times (theme from defiance) 1980 (Motown Lp)
2. Joe Casey and Fresh Heir - Let me hold you  (
GMI 45")
3. Jesse Davis - Never could have made it 1979 (
 Essence Lp)
4. Ronnie LaShannon - Where has our love gone 1976 (Long Version) (Brunswick 45")
5. Bobby Curtis - Bitter with the better 1986 (
B&P Ep)
6. Sir James Randolph - Pure Love 1981 (
AllGem Lp)
7. The Ray Camacho Band - New York (
California Artists Lp)
8. Ron Holmes - You are the girl 1978 (
Unissued Test Press 45")
9. Ernie Fields - Can't we try (
Crush Music Co Lp)
10. Vicki Lawrence - Never gonna let you go 1979 (
WindMill Lp)
11. Stallion - Ain't no way 1981 (KG  45")
12. Ceasar Elloie - More than yesterday 2010 (Number Three Turbine CD)
13. Keith White - Love is not always forever (Lady M 45")
14. Bobby Love - NOLA my home 2010 (Sound Of New Orleans CD)

Wishes from my friend Ceasar Elloie for a Happy New Year.


BT1955 said...

Souldennis....what a wonderful Compilation of some Great Soul Music....You are to be Congratulated on finding these wonderful tracks :)

ceasarelloie said...

I wish a “Happy New Year” to all my friends in Greece!
Ceasar Elloie/New Orleans

BoogiE said...

Hello my friend , very very good compilation thank you, I wish you health happiness money for new year of 2012 ;)