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Sunday, February 26, 2012

So Rare - Paradise

So Rare was an obscure female group from Chicago. The group collaborated with the brothers Walter Simtec Simmons and Ronald Simmons. Simtec Simmons is a guitarist, producer and songwriter who became known as soul duo from Chicago in the late 1960s and early 1970s called Simtec & Wylie. Ronald Simmons is a bassist and songwriter who became known as a member of the group The Southside Movement.
So Rare released a single entitled "Paradise / How do you spell relief" on NCS Records in the early 80s. "Paradise" was written by Simtec Simmons. Ronald Simmons and B.Jones. Produced and arranged by Simtec Simmons. 

The other side "How do you spell relief" is a funky song.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ray Farr - Keep on believing 1983 Lp

How many people really know this artist ? Probably some old people who lived in the late 70s and early 80s in the USA. He is a great artist who has performed at many major hotels and casinos across the country. He presented his own show in various hotels like the hotel Sands. In fact Ray Farr is an unknown singer. He has sang different styles. He released an album entitled "Keep on believing" in 1983 on 14 KT GOLD Records.

It was recorded at Las Vegas Recording Studios. This album was produced by Nick De Vito original member of the group Four Seasons. Arranged by Wilson "Tex" Richardson. Tex Richardson wrote and co-wrote a few songs of this album. Tex Richardson later appeared as the band leader, arranger, songwriter and singer with the group Station Braake

I have chosen two tracks entitled "Too late" and "Let me love you just a little".

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pure Magic Featuring Marilyn McLeod - Perfect timing (on valentine's day) 1979

Marilyn McLeod became known more as a songwriter than as a singer. Marilyn and Pamela Sawyer were a great duet of composers. They wrote the famous song for Diana Ross entitled "Love hangover". Diana Ross recorded "Love hangover" in 1975 and it was released on the Lp "Diana Ross". They also wrote a variety of songs such as "Walk in the night" for Junior Walker, “You Can’t Turn Me Off” for High Inergy, “Body And Soul” for The Four Tops, “I Get High” for Freda Payne, "Same ole love" for Anita Baker and many others.
Marilyn McLeod was born in Detroit,Michigan in 1942. She has a rich musical background. Both parents were singers. In addition, her mother was a pianist and composer music. Her older brother Ernie Farrow played upright bass with the well-known jazz musician Yusef Lateff. Finally all her brothers and sisters were musicians. One of them was Alica Coltrane who married the legendary saxophone player John Coltrane. 
McLeod started at Motown in 1970, relocated with the company to California in 1972, and stayed with Jobete (Motown's in-house publishing) until 1985.
In 1979 McLeod and Pamela Sawyer wrote a song entitled "Perfect timing (on Valentine's day)" for Jobete Music Co. This song was released as a single in the same year under the name Pure Magic. Marilyn McLeod and Pamela Sawyer collaborated with the guitarist and songwriter Mel Bolton (later member of the group Mighty Fire). Mel Bolton is a fantastic guitar player. In this project he played guitar and did rhythm arrangements.

Produced by Marilyn McLeod and Pamela Sawyer. Horn and String arrangements by Gil Askey. Vocals by Marilyn McLeod.

Mel Bolton who had signed for Motown as a songwriter and producer, he started to collaborate with Marilyn McLeod from the early 70s when they wrote a few songs for Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye such as "Include in your life" and "Love Twins". Mel Bolton along with Marilyn McLeod and Pamela Sawyer appeared on the Dynamic Superiors album in 1976, Jr.Walker album in 1976, High Inergy albums in 1978 and 1979. 

After "Perfect timing (on Valentine's day)"  Marilyn McLeod and Mel Bolton continued their collaboration. Mel Bolton along with Darryl K.Roberts, Perry Payton, D'Lanie McQuaig and Harry Kim formed a great band called Mighty Fire.

Mighty Fire released two albums on Elektra Records. Marilyn McLeod was co-producer and wrote a few songs for the group.

Finally I want to mention that Marilyn McLeod with Janie Bradford released a CD album entitled "I believe in me" in 2010 on Twinn Records. All songs were written by Marilyn McLeod & Janie Bradford.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bob Thompson - Each one reach one 1982 Lp

Bob Thompson is an unknown singer of black gospel music. It was surprise for me when I discovered him. I had never heard for him anything. He has released three albums on Rainbow Sound from Dallas,Texas. It is the same label that the group called Soul Liberation has realeased an album in the early 80s entitled "Who are you". 
Bob Thompson has released three albums entitled "Jesus mean all the world to me", "What you've done for me" and "Each one reach one".

The album "Each one reach one" was recorded at Rainbow Sound, Dallas, Texas. The musicians were J.Daniel Smith and Whitey Thomas on keyboards, Jerry Matheny and Bud Guin on guitars, Marc Jaco on bass, Mike Collier on drums, Charles McCampbell on prcussion, Becky Scherschell on harp and Marshall Head on woodwinds. Orchestration by J.Daniel Smith. Backing vocals arrangements by Bob Cline and J.Daniel Smith. Backing vocals by Cheryl Ingram, Mike Collier, Johnny Hooper, Roger BurtonJ.Daniel Smith, Gary Barkey, Abby Anderson, Debi Rady and Lucy Crane.
I have chosen two tracks entitled "Draw me" and "You've got to start at calvary". Produced by Bob Cline.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Solar Plex - Why did you walk away 1981

Solar Plex was an unknown soul/funk group. The members of the group were probably Bill Williams, Vance Roque and bassist Victor Purvis. All these guys were previous members of the funk group Full Force. They released a single entitled "Why did you walk away / Party hearty" on White Brothers Records in 1981. Robert and Alphonso White were the owners. 
Both of these songs were written probably in 1979.  Lyrics of "Why did you walk away" were written by Bill Williams and the music was written by Vance Roque. Produced by Robert & Alphonso White. Arranged by Victor Purvis.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full