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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bob Thompson - Each one reach one 1982 Lp

Bob Thompson is an unknown singer of black gospel music. It was surprise for me when I discovered him. I had never heard for him anything. He has released three albums on Rainbow Sound from Dallas,Texas. It is the same label that the group called Soul Liberation has realeased an album in the early 80s entitled "Who are you". 
Bob Thompson has released three albums entitled "Jesus mean all the world to me", "What you've done for me" and "Each one reach one".

The album "Each one reach one" was recorded at Rainbow Sound, Dallas, Texas. The musicians were J.Daniel Smith and Whitey Thomas on keyboards, Jerry Matheny and Bud Guin on guitars, Marc Jaco on bass, Mike Collier on drums, Charles McCampbell on prcussion, Becky Scherschell on harp and Marshall Head on woodwinds. Orchestration by J.Daniel Smith. Backing vocals arrangements by Bob Cline and J.Daniel Smith. Backing vocals by Cheryl Ingram, Mike Collier, Johnny Hooper, Roger BurtonJ.Daniel Smith, Gary Barkey, Abby Anderson, Debi Rady and Lucy Crane.
I have chosen two tracks entitled "Draw me" and "You've got to start at calvary". Produced by Bob Cline.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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