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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Arnie's Love - Natural High 1986

Arnie C. Joseph aka “The Gospel Teddy Bear” ,who is half-brother of singer Toney Lee, started his career as a drummer and played with The Commodores for one night in 1972. As a singer in the mid 70s he appeared in various clubs of New York.
In the early 80s Arnie Joseph collaborated with Jeremiah Yisrael and released a few singles on Jeremiah Yisrael's label called Tap Records. Arnie Joseph released an EP under the name Arnie Love entitled "Break out / Heaven really knows / Stop and make up your mind" in 1981.
At the same time he released a 7-inch as Arnie Love & The Loveletts entitled "We had enough / Break out" on the same label
Finally at that time, he released an EP as Arnie Love & The Loveletts entitled "Invisible Wind / Me,Myself & I / We Had Enough" on the same label.

After these recordings of Tap Records, Arnie Joseph released three singles with his group under the name Arnie's Love. Other members of the group were Debbie Allen and Arnelia Villanuea. The first single entitled "I'm out of your life" was a remake of Delegation. This single became successful mainly in the UK. It was released on Radar Records in 1983.
The second single entitled "Date with the rain" is a remake of Eddie Kendricks. It was released on Profile Records in 1985.
Next year the group released one more single entitled "Natural High" which was a remake of Bloodstones. It was released on Profile Records.

Produced by Eric Matthew.

Vocal (Sample)

Instrumental (Sample)

Arnie C.Joseph released a CD called "Expressions of his love" in 2002 on Total Success Records International.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clarence Mann - Come what may 1985

Clarence Mann is a great singer from Alabama. He graduated from Stillman College, Alabama. He began writing and performing at an early age. He was 14 years old, when he completed his first recording with a high school choral group on the RCA Record Label. After high school, he sang with various bands and vocal groups while attending college. He began his commercial career with T&M Productions. In 1973 he released his first single entitled "Man's Temptation / Have Faith In Me" on T&M Records from Alabama. Two years later, he released two singles on Gram-O-Phon Inc. entitled "Please accept my love" and "You met your match" respectively.
After his solo career, he joined the group called "True Image" as lead vocalist. They released a few singles such as the single "I'm not over you" which was released on Super Smash Records, a subsidiary of Bama Records. This single was sold on ebay for over $2000 in 2006. Today its price has been decreased and it is sold for $ 50-100.

In the late 70s the group, he signed with Juana Records. Their recordings were released on the Glades Records, a subsidiary of TK Productions of Miami, Florida. The group continued with the label Juana Records when T.K.Productions closed its doors. Juana Records was an independent disco and soul label founded in 1975 in Alabama by Frederick Knight and Clinton Harris.
True Image released two singles on Juana Records entitled "Different kind of love / Roller dancing" in 1980 and "It's only a matter of time / The time is right" in 1981 respectively. After these recordings Clarence Mann did with the group several different versions of the song "Come what may". The original recording was recorded by John Gary Williams in 1973 and was released on Stax Records.
Although Clarence Mann did several versions of "Come what may", but only two of them with True Image have seen the spotlight. However there is a recording which is unissued. It was recorded and was pressed on a vinyl as a demo but it was never released.
The first single entitled "Come what may / Boogie Place" was released under the name True Image featuring Clarence Mann on Flower's Records probably in the early 80s.

The second single called "True Image - Come what may" was released on Wass Records in 1982. This version is a duet of Clarence Mann with an unknown female singer. I had the pleasure to speak with Clarence Mann. Unfortunately he doesn't remember anything about the name of the female singer.

Produced by James Terry & Clinton Harris. I must note that Clarence Mann & James Terry have started their collaboration from the early 70s.

In 1983 the group disbanded and Clarence Mann followed solo career. The same year he released an album on Spirit Records. In the continued he released a few singles. For one more time he recorded the song "Come what may". It was released on Susie Q Records. Produced by James Terry.

In the same year he released the same single on Bama Records. However the release of Bama Records came after the one of Susie Q Records.

The same year he released the single "Show me girl" on California Gold Records. The next year he released a single as a 12" called "I'll be around" on Expansion Records.

During his career, Clarence has opened for such acts as Fat Back Band and Sun. He also opened for such household names as Tyrone Davis, Lou Rawls, and Ramsey Lewis.
Other musical accomplishments range from performing on Amateur Night at the world famous Apollo Theater in New York City, New York to Montgomery, Alabama’s Jubilee CityFest Music Festival. He also participated in the South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas.


Solo Career

Clarence Mann - Man's Temptation / Have Faith In Me 1973  7" T&M Records
Clarence Mann - Please accept my love  1975  7" Gram-O-Phon Inc
Clarence Mann - You met your match 1975 7" Gram-O-Phon Inc
Clarence Mann - Sadity lady  7" Flower's Records
Clarence Mann - Clarence Mann  1983  Lp  Spirit Records
Clarence Mann - Come what may 1985 7"  Susie Q Records
Clarence Mann - Come what may  1985 7"  Bama Records
Clarence Mann - Show me  1985  7" California Gold Records
Clarence Mann - I'll be around / Everybody let's dance 1986 12" Expansion Records

With True Image

True Image - I'm not over you   7" Super Smash Records
True Image - It ain't fair / Secret Lovers 1979 7" Glades Records
True Image - Secret Lover 1979 12" T.K.Disco
True Image - Different kind of love / Roller dancing 1980 7" Juana Records
True Image - It's only a matter of time / The time is right 1981 7" Juana Records
True Image - Keep me dancing / Instrumental 1981 12" Wilkerr Records
True Image featuring Clarence Mann - Come what may / Boogie Place Flower's Records
True Image - Come what may / Instrumental 1982  Wass Records

Note: The above posted singles are not played in full

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ron Henderson Sr. is back on recordings

(Left to right, Reese Palmer, Ron Henderson Sr, Wilbur Stewart (Wes), Johnny Johnson and William Britton.

Ron Henderson Sr was born in 1936. He is a great composer, producer, singer, guitarist and label owner from Charlotte, NC. He appeared strongly on the stage of soul music in the early 70s along with his own band called Choice of Colour. The members of the group were Ron Henderson Sr, Reese Palmer, Wilbur Stewart (Wes),  Johnny Johnson and William Britton.
In 1972 Choice Of Colour released a single entitled "You're twenty-one today / Your love" on APT Records. The label was a subsidiary of ABC Records. ABC Records used this label to release exclusively the singles.
In 1974 Ron along with late Chester Simmons formed a label called Choice Records. The same year Ron released a single entitled "Bad sign" on his own label. This song was written by himself. Produced, arranged and conducted by late Duke Hall. Somewhere here started the collaboration of Ron Henderson and Duke Hall who kept until the mid 80s.
At that time Duke Hall released a single under the name Jesse McFall and The Funk Elegant Orchestra entitled "Thought you ought to know" on Choice Records. Later Ron Sr. changed the name of label to Choice Cut Records but he was co-owner with Duke Hall.
Ron Henderson along with Duke Hall started to work at the studio so as to release an album. In 1976 Ron Henderson & Choice Of Colour released an album on Chelsea Records entilted "Soul Junction". It was recorded at Reflection Sound Studios, Charlotte N.C.

The album was produced by Duke Hall and Wayne Jernigan. It was arranged by Duke Hall. The musicians were Duke Hall on keyboards, Johnny Fowler on guitar, Rob Thorne on drums, Andre McCamey and Mike Suddath on bass. Vocals by Ron Henderson Sr. except for two songs entitled "The real thing" and  "What about love" by Reece Palmer and William Britton respectively.
At the same period Rufus R.Jones released a single entitled "Boogie man" on Ron's label Choice Cut Records. Rufus R. "Freight Train" Jones was an American professional wrestler. His real name was Carey L.Lloyd. This single was released under the name Rufus R.Jones and his Freight Train Funk Band. The song "Boogie man" was written by Ron Henderson Sr and Rufus R.Jones. It was produced by Ron Sr. and Duke Hall.

In 1977 Ron Sr. released a single "Don't take her for granted / The real thing" on Chelsea Records. Both of these songs were included on the album in 1976.

In 1978 Ron Henderson Sr as well as Ron Henderson Jr collaborated with Dottie Pearson. Dottie Pearson released a single entitled "Imagine me / Doing what he wants me to" on a local label of Charlotte called Avanti Records. I have to mention that owner of Reflection Sound Studios and Avanti Records was Wayne Jernigan. At that time Dottie Pearson recorded an album which was never released. All the songs were recorded at Reflection Sound Studios, Charlotte N.C.
After many years, all the songs were included on the CD which was released in 2003 under the name Dottie Pearson - A house made of love.

Ron Henderson Jr. told me: "At that time Dottie Pearson lived with us until the album was finished". Ron Henderson Jr who was guitarist and backing singer on that album, co-wrote with the bassist  Andre McCamey the song "Imagine me".
Dottie Pearson as Dottie Peoples won Stellar and Dove Awards of gospel music. She has been also nominated sometimes for Grammy and Dove Awards of gospel music.

Ron Henderson Jr on stage
Ron Jr. also wrote two more songs entitled "Look around" and "Very strong affection" which were included on the CD.
Ron Henderson Sr. even though he was co-producer and background vocalist, he was also songwriter on the songs "I don't want nobody" and "Doing what he wants me to".

At that time, Ron Sr. recorded many songs but they were never released. All the songs were recorded at Reflection Sound Studios. Some of these unreleased songs were included on the CD entitled "Gemini Lady" which was released in 2006.

At the same time, in 1978 Ron Sr. released a single entitled "I love you more than dancin' / She please me" on Wayne Jernigan's label Avanti Records.

Ron Sr. and Duke Hall followed the current of time, so they recorded a disco song called "I love you more than dancin" that was written and produced by Duke Hall.

When Chelsea Records went bankrupt, the copyrights were returned to Ron Henderson Sr. So he re-released the song "Don't take her for granted" under the name Ron Sr And The R.H.Factor on his own label Choice Cut Records in the early 80s. In fact  Ron Sr And The R.H.Factor were Ron Henderson Sr, and his son Ron Jr.

The flipside was entitled "Mr.Sunshine". This song was written by himself. It was recorded at Reflection Sound Studios and Lamon Sound Charlotte, NC. It was produced by Duke Hall & The Brothers Brae. I want to note that The Brothers Brae were Ron Jr. and the bassist Andre McCamey.
"Mr.Sunshine" was included on the CD "Gemini Lady" under the name "Sunshine".

One of the best moments in the career of Ron Sr. came when he released the single "Gemini lady / Goodbye my love" on his own label in 1983.

"Gemini Lady" was written by Ron Sr himself. This song was written for Jaqueline Henderson that Ron Sr. is still married to today.
It was recorded at Reflection Sound Studios and Lamon Sound Charlotte, NC. Produced by Ron Jr. and Andre McCamey as The Brothers Brae.

Nowadays many radio producers and fans of soul music have played and heard respectively the song "Gemini lady". The fans of this song had the opportunity to find it, when it was included on the CD entitled "Gemini lady" on Soul Junction in 2006.

This CD includes apart from "Gemini lady" some tunes that I like. These songs are entitled "Baby I wanna be yours" and "Nobody will ever take your love from me" respectively. The first was written by Duke Hall and the second by the late Pervis Lee Jr. (Tank).
Produced by Duke Hall and Wayne Jernigan. Arranged by Duke Hall.

At that time, in parallel with "Gemini lady", Barry Duke recorded the songs "I'm leaving" and "Gotta find a way". Barry Duke released the single "I'm leaving / Gotta find a way" on Choice Cut Records. I had the pleasure to present Barry Duke and his single almost a year ago.

Ron Henderson Sr.
Ron Henderson Sr and Duke Hall stopped their collaboration and their recordings in the mid 80s. The label Choice Cut Records stopped to release records vinyl in 1987.
In 2000 Grapevine 2000 Records from UK, released a 7incher entitled "Your love / Love is gone". In 2003 Grapevine 2000 Records re-released the single "Gemini lady / Goodbye my love".

In 2009 Soul Junction Records released a 7 incher entitled "Nobody will ever take your love from me / Hooked on your love" which previously had never been released as a single .

Ron Henderson Sr. never stopped to compose music. He continued to write music for other artists. After many years he decided to return on recordings.
For this new step especially two people helped him, his son Ron Jr. and Barry Duke.
Last year Ron Sr. and Barry Duke wrote many songs and started to record. Two of these songs are entitled "You still turn me on" and "I apologize" respectively. The first song was written by Ron Sr himself. Produced by Ron Sr. and Barry Duke. It was recorded at Duknheimers Studio of which Barry Duke is owner.

Barry Duke on saxophone

Enjoy  "You still turn me on". Solo sax by Barry Duke.

The second song was written by Ron Sr, and produced by Ron Sr.and Barry Duke.

Enjoy "I apologize". Solo sax by Barry Duke.

There is another version of "I apologize" that was sung by Ron Jr and was produced by Ron Jr. and Barry Duke.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

# I want to note that I was working this article for over two months.
## I want to thank Ron Henderson Jr. for his help.
### I want to thank my daughter Helen for her help. 

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Johnny Mathis - I'll do it all for you 1980

The last two years some collectors have been looking for the album "Let it be me" by Sylvester Smith III. They are mainly interested in the song "I'll do it all for you".
Sylvester Smith III is a great performer. He was born in Montgomery, Alabama, but he was raised in Oklahoma City. He has released six albums and a number of singles. All his albums were released under the label called Empac Records.
In 1983 he released the album "Let it be me". It was recorded at Star Track Studio, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The best song of the album is "I'll do it all for you".
It is strange that Sylvester Smith III doesn't know the composers of this song. For this reason Sylvester Smith III mentions on his site that the composers are unknown. This song was written by Roger Cook and Stephen Allen Davis.

However a few people really know that the original recording of "I'll do it all for you" went out  by Johnny Mathis and Paulette McWilliams in 1980.

This song was included on the album "Different kinda different" which was released by Johnny Mathis on CBS Records in 1980. It was recorded at A&M Studios, Hollywood, Ca. Produced by Jack Gold. Arranged and conducted by Gene Page.

Solo sax by Gary Herbig.

It is worthy to note that Paulette McWilliams along with sax player Tom Scott released an album called "Telling stories" in the late 2011. Paulette along with Will Downing performed the Kool & The Gang song entitled "Too hot".
Great musicians participated in this song like Tom Scott on sax, John Barnes on piano, Ray Parker Jr. on guitar, Seikou Bunch on bass and Ricky Lawson on drums.

### Finally, I want to mention that one year ago, I found the single entitled "It was in springtime / I keep existing" by Sylvester Smith III that was released on Empac Records in 1977. Both of these songs were included on the album "I keep existing".

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Embers - This one's for you 1982 Lp

The Embers are one of the most popular bands of beach music scene. The band was started in 1958 by Bobby Tomlinson and Jackie Gore. The Embers have released eighteen albums and numerous singles.
In 1982 the group released an album entitled "This one's for you" on Ripete Records.

At that time members of the group were Johnny Barker on keyboards and vocals, Gerry Davis on bass, Jackie Gore on guitar and vocals, Johnny Hopkins on trumpet, Bobby Tomlinson on drums and Craig Woodlard on sax.
Additional musicians were Tony Hayes and Don "Cannonball" McClure on baritone and alto sax, Ziad Rable on tenor sax, Doug Burns and Don Eisamann on trumpet, Jeppy White and Brad Kelly on trombone, David Brussel on french horn, David "Bongo" Newson on congas and percussion. Background vocalists by Terri Gore (daughter of Jackie Gore), Debbie Dobbins, Joyous Perrin, Carolyn Moore and Butch Stone.
All string arrangements by Allan Kaufman. Produced by The Embers and David Henson.

I have chosen two tracks entitled "Love Me" and "Canadian Sunset".

"Love Me" was written and performed by Johnny Barker. Johnny Barker had previously joined the group in 1980. In 1991 he joined another group of the beach music scene called The Entertainers where he was music director, keyboartist and vocalist for the next 14 years.

"Canadian Sunset" is a popular song with music written by jazz pianist Eddie Heywood and lyrics by Norman Gimbel. An instrumental version by Heywood and Hugo Winterhalter reached #2 on the Billboard chart in 1956. A version sung by Andy Williams was also popular that year, reaching #7 on the Billboard chart
Lead Vocals by Jackie Gore.

I had the pleasure to present some years ago, another album called "The show must go on" by The Embers which was released in 2008.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full.