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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fats Gaines Orchestra - Plays Today And Yesterdays Lp

William Carl "Fats" Gaines was born in Coffeyville, Kansas. He has played trumpet and alto saxophone. Fats is mostly known for his leading ability. He organized his first group called Fats Noisy Seven in elementary school. His career started during World War Two, in the 767th Army Air Force Band as a sousaphone player. He played trumpet in army swing band.
In the 70s he formed a band called Fats Gaines Orchestra. The band featured in many Social Clubs in the Bay area such as The Knights of Honor, The Spiders, The Thirteen Charms, Los Amigos, C.B.Communicators, Metronomes, Fifty Sports Man's, The Jolly Glow, The Jolliets
This band was one of the best big bands based in San Francisco. The members of the band were the same members for the past four and a half years. The band released his first album under the name Fats Gaines Orchestra plays Today and Yesterday on Avamar Records. It was recorded at Wahlberg Recording Studios, San Francisco.
In this album appeared Fats Gaines on sax, Jerry Whitmore and Napoleon (NAP) Henry on guitars, Johnnie Ingram on string bass, John L.Thomas and Edward Hammond on electric bass, Roy Henderson and Charles Nelson on tenor sax, James Brown (brother of Mel Brown) on piano, Hugh Parker on drums, Harold Phillips on trumpet, Albert "Hassen" Wardlow and George Alexander on trombone. Finally Curtis Lawson on vocals. 
Today Curtis Lawson is a great singer of blues music in the Bay area. 

Curtis Lawson
I have chosen the famous song of Al Green entitled "Let's stay together". This version is an unknown one but very nice.

Later Fats Gaines released two more albums. The first album was released on Avamar Records in 1981 under the name Fats Gaines Band entitled "SOULJAZZDISCO". The second album was released on the same label in 1983 under the name Fats Gaines Band presents Zorina.

Sadly Fats Gaines has passed away.

Note: The above posted track is not played in full

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