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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Acey McCone is back on music


About two years ago I had the opportunity to present an ultra rare record entitled "Nobody (Makes me feel like you do) / Angel" which was released on Harbor Records in the 80s. This record has been released under the name Randy Cone.

His real name is Acey McCone. Acey McCone stands out with his deep voice and with his gifted talent as a composer. Nowadays he lives in Nashville composing music. Sometimes he sings songs which fit with his voice. I had the pleasure to speak with him. I'm very happy that I met him, because he is a great person. He gave me the opportunity to hear several new songs written by him. I'm very impressed with two songs. Hearing these songs the feeling was different. Both songs were performed by the jazz singer called Jaimee Paul.

Jaimee Paul was raised in Southern Illinois and was involved in the church choir. Paul has been influenced by Gospel and Blues. She left her home town for Nashville Tennessee to study music business at the highly acclaimed Belmont University. After graduation Jaimee quickly found work at various record labels and simultaneously she began working part time as a studio session singer. Then Jaimee's talent was rapidly recognized, and soon after she began touring as background vocalist with country superstar Wynonna. In 2008 Green Hill Music signed Jaimee as their first female vocalist, and their debut record, "At Last", reached #1 on the iTunes Jazz charts. She has released several jazz albums CD.
As I told you Jaimee Paul performed both songs entitled "Each Circle Around The Sun" and "Love Will Find Its Way" which were written by Acey McCone.
On the first track "Each Circle Around The Sun" Nashville session pianist player called Larry Hall played acoustic and electric piano, bass and synth. Acey McCone programmed the drums and percussion Scat Springs. Melinda Doolittle did the background vocals.
On the second track "Love Will Find Its Way" Larry Hall played acoustic and electric piano, bass, programmed the drums, percussion. Acey McCone played acoustic guitar and pieced together the sax from loops and samples.
Enjoy two great songs!!!

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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