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Monday, February 23, 2009

Norman Brown & Jim Manns

Jim Manns has been singing Rhythm and Blues for many years, entertaining people in the Chicago area, Michigan and Indiana.
He grew up in Nutbush, Tennessee. Home of Tina Turner whom he grew up with. Many collectors looking for the 12 inch (I got to have your love / Everybody likes it) by Jim Manns on Black Giant Records.

In fact, these 2 tracks are the same with tracks titles "Sugar baby" and "What you got" which were released later on his album.

However many collectors don’t know that the first recording was released by Norman Brown (not to be confused with the famous Smooth Jazz guitarist). Norman Brown released this 7 incher on Sound Town Records in the late 70s. Horn and string arrangements by Don Burnside. He was also composer on "Sugar". Donald Burnside later collaborated as producer and songwriter with Elaine And Ellen, Yvonne Gage, First Love, Chi-Lites, Gene Chandler and many others.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full.

For many years now, Jim Manns' 12inch has been sold for over $ 100.
Therefore, how much should anyone give for Norman Brown's rare 7inch original?

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