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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Alphonse Mouzon - Give it up 1987

Alphonse Mouzon (who is an African American mixed with French and Blackfoot Indian) was born on November 21st in Charleston, South Carolina.
Chairman/CEO of Tenacious Records, composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist and actor Alphonse Mouzon has been composing and producing beautiful music that has captivated and enthralled audiences throughout the world for over two decades. In this album entitled "Love Fantasy" in 1987 on Tenacious Records, he collaborated with many great artists like Ray Parker Jr. and Paul Jackson Jr. on guitar, Nathan East on bass, Brandon Fields on sax. Lead vocals by Carolyn Dennis. Background vocals by Maxine and Julia Waters. Produced by himself. I chose a track entitled "Give it up".

Thursday, May 28, 2009

B & G Rhythm

This album was recorded on Polydor Records in 1978. Jazz Funk album by Donnie Beck on bass and Steve Gutierrez on drums. They participated some guests like Roland Bautista on guitar, Bobby Lyle on piano, Joel Peskin on tenor sax, Harry Kim on trumpet (later was member of the group Mighty Fire). Produced by Wayne Henderson. I have chosen a track entitled "Friends you and I".

Note: The above posted track is not played in full

Monday, May 25, 2009

Leo Robinson (A.K.A J.J.Jackson) - To my hearth 1981

Leo Robinson was born in Arkansas, USA and his other name is J.J. Jackson. He moved to Brazil in 1980 and lived there for many years using that name. He released a single entitled "Out off common /  To my hearth" in 1981 on Star Music, in a small indie label of Sao Pablo, Brazil.

I chose to present the song "To my hearth". Composed by himself.
This song was included on original International Soundtrack entitled "Jogo da vida" in 1981-82 which released by Som Livre in January of 1982.

For more info about J.J. Jackson you can see here below

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Friday, May 22, 2009

Jerri C Carroll - Feelin' sexy 1977

This 7 inch is an ultra rare from Los Angeles. Jerri C. Carroll was an obscure artist. It was released on Bel -Ad records in 1977. Produced by Don Fletcher & Miles Grayson. It sounds like Sylvia.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bobby Jonz - Special 1985

A Louisiana native transplanted to Chicago, Bobby Jonz aka Bobby Jones (Not to be confused with the gospel singer Bobby Jones) is a black country soul singer known for quirky answer songs and laid back reinterpretations of songs made famous by other artists. He broke into the music business with Chicago southside blues act The Aces circa 1960 but his own solo album entitled “Thought You Were Loving Me” wasn’t released until today. However he recorded single entitled “Thought You Were Loving Me” in 1984 on Expansion Records. The next year he released another single entitled “Special” on Solv Records.

In 1997 he resurfaced again with his well-received album, “In the Mood for Love” on the now defunct Ace Records label. He followed it up with Bobby Jonz Sings Country on Avanti in 1998 and Your Freak Is Here on Big Bidness in 1999 and Lee Shot Stole My Freak(circa 2003 on Red Dot). Jones is also a featured vocalist with Delta Groove recording artists The Mannish Boys.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sandra Richardson

Detroit vocalist Sandra Richardson earned a good local reputation. She has recorded for a variety of labels, including Venture, Krisma, Catawba, Grandstand, and Robbins. Sandra Richardson recorded some songs in decade 70. She began in 1971 when she released a single “I feel a song (in my heart) / The ring” for Buddah records. Then in 1974 she released another single entitled “Stay here with me / Don’t let me down” on Inter Soul records.
In 1978 she collaborated for one more time with Tony Camillo and released a single on Dellwood Records for Venture productions entitled “Love to be your woman / Waiting for the last goodbye”. Produced, arranged and conducted by Tony Camillo.
In fact the collaboration of Sandra and Tony Camillo began when she released a single “I feel a song (in my heart) / The ring” in 1971.

Then she changed her name to Sandra Feva. Sandra released her first album as Sandra Feva in 1979 on Venture records entitled “The need to be”. The song “Love to be your woman” was included on the album, who she had earlier recorded. The label was owned by the legendary Tony Camillo.

The same year she sang on Sir John Roberts' album called "Sophisticated Funk Orchestra" which was released on Tony Camillo's label Venture Records. This album was recorded at Magic Wand Sound Studios, Burbank,CA.

Sandra performed the song entitled "Do you believe in fate". Composed by John Roberts, P.V.Roberts, R.Williams, Cecile Barker. Produced, arranged and conducted by Sir John Roberts.

She also recorded two more albums entitled “Savoir faire” on Venture records in 1981 and “Fever all through the night” on Grandstand records in 1987.

In 1984 she sang with Kellie Evans and Don Albert. They released a single entitled "The rhythm & the blues / Have you tried jesus" on Get Down Records from Detroit.

"The rhythm & the blues" composed by Miche Braden, B.Hankenson, R.Milner. Arranged by Miche Braden. Produced by T.H.Bowles Jr & B.Hankerson.

In 1986 she released an ultra rare single entitled “You can’t come up here no more” on Arsis records, under the name of Epicenter.

This single re-released on Krisma Records. The same year she sang along with Pat Lewis for saxophonist Duane Parham. Duane Parham released a single "I was just alone in this world" on Saxville Records from Detroit.

Note: The above posted songs are not played in full

#  "Waiting for the last goodbye" first recording by Shades Of Blu in 1975.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Gabriel - I'm never going to feel that feeling again

This single is an obscure and ultra rare. It was recorded in late 70s and released on Ad-Class records probably in 1978. Gabriel James Maciocia was born 1948. He was an unknown singer. He was more known as songwriter and producer. He wrote songs for Four Tops and Gloria Gaynor. He was also writer of music score and screen play for film, Hearts of Bounty. He had nominated in the first round of Grammy Awards in 1999.
Composed by himself. Produced by Bill Goodman. On vocals The Bob Dylan Singers.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Philippe Wynne

Philippe Wynne grew up in a gospel environment, later becoming a member of the Bootsy Collins group The Pacesetters in 1968. The following year he became a member of James's Brown group The JB's where he stayed for two years. In 1971 he became the lead singer of THE DETROIT SPINNERS, taking the group on to a string of hits including 'I'll Be Around' and 'Could It Be I'm Falling In Love'. He remained with them until 1977 when he signed to the Cotillion label as a solo artist. Here he released 'Starting All Over' (1977) before teaming up with George Clinton to tour and record with Funkadelic on '(Not Just) Knee Deep'. The album was not promoted. Produced and rhythm arrangements by himself.

Philippe Wynne - Think of your thoughts as children 1977 (Sample)

Philippe Wynne - Lisa 1977 (Sample)

In 1980, Philippe released 'Wynne Jammin' on the Uncle Jam label. Produced by George Clinton and Ron Dunbar. Strings and horns arranged by Paul Riser and Tony Camillo.

Philippe Wynne - You Gotta Take Chances 1980 (Sample)

Philippe Wynne - We Dance So Good Together 1980 (Sample)

A year later Philippe sang for Gene Dunlap. He sang wonderful track entitled "Something inside my head" on Capitol records. Produced by Gene Dunlap.

In 1983 he released a single entitled "You Ain't Going Anywhere But Gone". This song was written and produced by Bunny Sigler and released by Sugarhill Records. Then Sugarhill released an album entitled 'Philippe Wynne' on Sylvia Robinson's label in 1984.

Philippe Wynne - He don't love you 1984 (Sample)

Philippe Wynne - You ain't going anywhere but gone 1984 (Sample)

Sadly on July 14, 1984, while performing a concert in Oakland, California, Wynne suffered a fatal heart attack, at the age of 43.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sadao Watanabe - Rendezvous 1984

Sadao Watanabe is one of my favourite sax players. He recorded this album at Rosebud Recording Studio, New York in February-April 1984. In this album he collaborated with many classy artists like Marcus Miller on bass, Richard Tee on fender Rhodes, Eric Gale on guitar, Steve Gadd on drums, Ralph McDonald on percussion. Guest vocal performance by Roberta Flack. Arranged by William Eaton & Ralph McDonald. Conducted by William Eaton. Produced by Ralph MacDonald. I chose two tracks entitled "Here's to love" and "Maraval".

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

This post is dedicated to my friend sax player Mr.George Katsakis. He was an original member of the Royaltones.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Les McCann - Just the way you are 1978

This song was sung by many artists (over 170). Original recording by Billy Joel in 1977. Les McCann recorded this song in 1978 on A&M records. It was included on the album entitled “The Man”. Les McCann said for this song “The first moment I heard Billy Joel sing this song, I knew I had to do it, but also wanted to look at it from a new angle”. Produced, conducted and orchestrated by Paul Riser. Arranged by Paul Riser and Les McCann. Executive producer by Herb Albert. Enjoy it.

Note: The above posted track is not played in full

This post is dedicated to my friend (G.Poly) George Polychroniou a huge collector in Greece.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Louis Dyer - I wanna make love to you 1976

I have never seen other release by Louis Dyer. This single was released in 1976 on Little Star records. Composed by Walter Johnson and H.B.Barnum. Produced by H.B. Barnum abd Melvin Smith. However one year ago this song was written by H.B.Barnum and W.Johnson for Jimmy Norman. Jimmy Norman released this song on Buddah records in 1975.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Dynamic Upsetters - Once or twice

The Dynamic Upsetters was another soul group from North Carolina on the “Beach Music” scene like “The Entertainers” and “Clifford Curry” as they were also presented previously on this blog. The group was formed in 1963. Until 1978 the group remained a live touring band. The Dynamic Upsetters released some singles in the late 70s. One of them is entitled “Try me / Make myself clear” in 1979 on Mega Sound Studios. On the same label, it was released another single called "Tricky Chic / Love changes".

Here today I’m posting another 7” single entitled “Once or twice / I want a man to shag with me” on CPI records.
In fact the song “Once or twice”, was also re-recorded by Dorothy Moore in 1979 and Clifford Curry in 1980.

In the 80s the group appeared in various clubs and recorded a few singles under the name W.J.Moore & The Dynamic Upsetters.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Friday, May 1, 2009

True Image - Different kind of love 1980

True Image was an obscure soul group. Clarence Mann was the band leader as singer. The group released a few ultra rare singles for the labels Super Smash, T.K, Glades, Juana and Wilkerr records. They collaborated with the producers Frederick Knight and James Terry. This great dance song "Different kind of love" was released in 1980 on Juana records. Produced by Frederick Knight. Original recording by Ronnie McNeir and Rena Scott in 1978 on Tortoise International. This track was also included on Clarence Mann album in 1983 on Spirit Inc records.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

True Image probably recorded an album in 1981 on Juana records but it was never released.