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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2nd Anniversary

I opened this blog two years ago. Today it's the second anniversary. All the posts on my blog come from my personal collection.

I would like to thank some special people and friends who helped me last year.

First I want to thank my friend Nicolas Drosos who helped me for every single post of my blog.
Also special thanks goes to Harold a great guy and singer from Milwaukee known from the great song "Shortage Of Love", for his love in me.
Special thanks also goes to fantastic guitarist and singer Wali Ali for his interest on my blog.
I would like to thank Karvin Johnson for his help and for his collaboration. Karvin Johnson was the lead singer of the groups Halo The Band and Gemini.
I want to thank Rodney Bell of the gospel group Infinity for his interest on my blog. Also thanks to Mechelle LaChaux female jazz singer and friend of Rodney Bell's.
Finally, I want to thank producer John Florez , singer Jesse Gomez and female singer Barbara Morrison for info about their career.

I wanna thank especially all the visitors of my blog. Thank you very much.

For my second anniversary, I decided to present a special track which is appropriate for such an anniversary.

The song is "Happy Birthday" by an obscure group called Sugar.

This rare 7 incher was released on Da-Wal Records. Executive produced by David Casey and Walt Gollender. Arranged by Gary Culpepper.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

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