Soul Fantasy

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Faragher Brothers - Never felt love before 1976

Faragher Brothers was a great blue-eyed soul group from Long Beach California. Danny and Jimmy along with younger brothers Tommy and Davey formed a group called the Faragher Brothers. The brothers released four albums.
In 1976 they released a single entitled "Never get your love behind me / Never felt love before" on ABC records. Both of the songs were included on the self-titled album on the same label.

I chose "Never felt love before" a great bossa nova with fantastic vocals. In this song, Davey Faragher on bass, John King on drums, David Hines on guitar, Johnny Vastano and Lenny Castro on percussion. Produced by Vini Poncia. Composed by Jimmy and Tommy Faragher.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jeffery Dixon & Belinda Elias

I have the pleasure to present an ultra rare 7 incher by Jeffery Dixon and Belinda Elias. They were unknown singers which collaborated and recorded two songs entitled "We can see it through together" and "Why can't this time be for real ?". Both of them released on Jady Records in 1982 from California.Produced by himself. Arranged by Carl Evans Jr and Edwin Sicat.

I want to mention that Jeffery Dixon one year later released one more single, under the name Jeffery Dixon & Cycles entitled "Don't forget" on the same label.

Note: The above posted singles are not played in full

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

N'Cole - You're gonna need this love 1978

N'Cole was an unknown singer. However he was cousin of Teddy Pendergrass. N'Cole released a single in 1978 on Millennium records entitled "I'm gonna need this love / Thank you for the love". Some copies were released as "You're gonna need this love" like this DJ copy. Composed by T.Life and Joe Freeman. Produced by T.Life.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

# I have never seen other 7 incher by N'Cole.

## Did N'Cole release any other records? If you know then please email me at the address above.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mix Samples-Show 18-9-2010 by Souldennis

For sixth time, I make a mix-samples-show. Enjoy it.

1. Blood Hollins - Don't give it up 1976 (Instrumental) (Strange Fruit 7 inch)
2. The Friends Band - Burning me up 1980 (Riddim Lp)
3. Ramsey Lewis & Nancy Wilson - Closer than close 1984 (CBS Lp)
4. Tower of Power - You just can't fall up (You just fall down) 1991 (Epic CD)
5. Avis - Baby, this love I have (Feline 7 inch)
6. The Village Choir - Sweet hot lips 1978 (N.Y.C Street Sound 12 inch)
7. Lee Morris - Messing with my head (Alley Cat 7 inch)
8. O.T.Sykes - Loneliness inside of me 1982 (Fun City Lp)
9. The Dynamic Upsetters - Once or twice (CPI 7 inch)
10. The Faragher Brothers - Never felt love before 1976 (ABC Lp)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lisa Danielle - You're all I need 1984

Lisa Danielle was an unknown female singer who released some singles on Jersey Connection (subsidiary of Sugar Hill Records) and also on Sugar Hill Records. One of these is entitled "You're all I need" in 1984 on Jersey Connection. Produced and composed by Sylvia Robinson, Joey Robinson, Jr. Sugar Hill Records was set up by Joey and Sylvia Robinson in 1974.
"You're all I need" was included on 12 incher along with "Let Me Down On Easy" on the same label in 1985.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Saturday, September 11, 2010

David Gardner

David Gardner was a great singer from San Francisco, Oakland Bay area. In the mid 70s he worked with Paul Tillman Smith. David performed some songs along with the great musicians such as Paul Tillman Smith, Ray Obiedo, Lonnie Hewitt and Sheila Escovedo. These songs were never released. They were recorded in 1975 at Funky Features Studio, San Francisco, Ca.
Two of these songs entitled "Newsroom" and "Country flower" were included in 2002 on 7 Bridges Records CD called "Welcome to the newsroom".

7 Bridges Records also released a 7 incher by Paul Tillman Smith entitled "Newsroom / A good dream" . "Newsroom" solo guitar by Ray Obiedo. Vocals by David Gardner.

In 1977 Paul Tillman Smith along with David Gardner and Lady Bianca formed a group called Vitamin E and released an album entitled "Sharing" on Buddah Records, produced by Norman Connors. The name "Vitamin E" was given by Norman Connors' wife. David sang some tracks such as “Newsroom”.

When Sharing failed to have any commercial impact, the group began falling apart. Gardner quickly lost interest.Then he sang as session artist in the Bay area, until Jules Broussard got him in his band.

In 1980 the sax player Jules Broussard released one of the best soul/jazz albums on Fleur Records. It was recorded at the Sausalito Record Plant. David Gardner with Rahni Kugel sang all the songs of the album.
I chose a fantastic track entitled "Got to be the only one". Composed by Mark Lee. Strings arranged and conducted by Marvin Williams. Horns arranged and conducted by Danny Armstrong.

Jules Broussard Band
Jules Broussard - Tenor, Alto, Soprano Sax
Percy Scott - Fender Rhodes, acoustic Piano
Glenn Howell - Fender Bass
John Thibodeaux Jr. - Electric guitar
Mark Lee - Drums
David Gardner - Lead Vocal
Rahni Kugel - Lead Vocal

In this photo appears Jules Broussard on sax, Danny Armstrong on trombone, Si Perkoff on piano and the band vocalists - Rahni Kugel, Bobby Ingram & David Gardner 1979. The photo was taken from Si Perkoff's site (Si Perkoff pianist on the Bay Area Jazz scene).

# Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Friday, September 10, 2010

Barbara Morrison Live at Steamers Jazz Club

Barbara Morrison returns to Steamers Jazz Club and Cafe this Friday-Saturday Sep 10-11. It's her birthday party! I wish you happy birthday Mrs Barbara.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Tim Murray & Melvin Davis - Thinking of you

Tim Murray is an unknown blue-eyed soul singer from Detroit. Murray had influenced from Marvin Gaye and Levi Stubbs. He released a single entitled "Thinking of you / Street people" on his own label called Detroit Traks records (subsidiary of Rock Mill label). He had the pleasure to collaborate with the great Melvin Davis. The talent and expertise of Melvin Davis helped Tim Murray.

Tim and Melvin wrote both of the songs about in 1982. "Thinking of you" was co-written at the first meeting Davis ever had with Tim Murray. At the studio this song was recorded of Tim Murray and Melvin Davis, though only Murray's version became an official release.

Davis' version eventually saw the light of day in the 1996 on a Japanese CD entitled "Love, Truth and Victory" on P-Vine which featured all of his Rock Mill songs.
In the decade 2000 the British Hayley records released CD entitled "His Greatest Recordings" which includes version of "Thinking of you".

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lynn White - Blues in My Bedroom Lp 1982

Lynn White was born in Mobile, Alabama on August 6, 1953. She started singing gospel such as every child and continued singing professionally in the late 1970's. She released probably the first single entitled "I Didn't Make My Move Too Soon" along with Betty Wilcox Ray in 1979 on Darby records. Also the same year she released the same single on Bust Out records.
Her first album was "Am I Too Much Woman For You" on Darby records in 1981. The next year she released one more album entitled "Blues In My Bedroom" on Waylo records. I don't like very much this album because most of the tracks are not in my style.
However the album includes two good tracks entitled "Anyway the wind blow" and "Giving it all I got".
The musicians were Steve Potts on drums, Leroy Hodges on bass, Thomas Bingham and Leroy Hodges on guitar, Michael Allen and Billy Always on piano, Archie Turner on organ. All guitars solo by Thomas Bingham. Background vocals by Billy Always. Produced by Willie Mitchell.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

"Anyway the wind blow" also released as a single on the same label.