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Saturday, September 11, 2010

David Gardner

David Gardner was a great singer from San Francisco, Oakland Bay area. In the mid 70s he worked with Paul Tillman Smith. David performed some songs along with the great musicians such as Paul Tillman Smith, Ray Obiedo, Lonnie Hewitt and Sheila Escovedo. These songs were never released. They were recorded in 1975 at Funky Features Studio, San Francisco, Ca.
Two of these songs entitled "Newsroom" and "Country flower" were included in 2002 on 7 Bridges Records CD called "Welcome to the newsroom".

7 Bridges Records also released a 7 incher by Paul Tillman Smith entitled "Newsroom / A good dream" . "Newsroom" solo guitar by Ray Obiedo. Vocals by David Gardner.

In 1977 Paul Tillman Smith along with David Gardner and Lady Bianca formed a group called Vitamin E and released an album entitled "Sharing" on Buddah Records, produced by Norman Connors. The name "Vitamin E" was given by Norman Connors' wife. David sang some tracks such as “Newsroom”.

When Sharing failed to have any commercial impact, the group began falling apart. Gardner quickly lost interest.Then he sang as session artist in the Bay area, until Jules Broussard got him in his band.

In 1980 the sax player Jules Broussard released one of the best soul/jazz albums on Fleur Records. It was recorded at the Sausalito Record Plant. David Gardner with Rahni Kugel sang all the songs of the album.
I chose a fantastic track entitled "Got to be the only one". Composed by Mark Lee. Strings arranged and conducted by Marvin Williams. Horns arranged and conducted by Danny Armstrong.

Jules Broussard Band
Jules Broussard - Tenor, Alto, Soprano Sax
Percy Scott - Fender Rhodes, acoustic Piano
Glenn Howell - Fender Bass
John Thibodeaux Jr. - Electric guitar
Mark Lee - Drums
David Gardner - Lead Vocal
Rahni Kugel - Lead Vocal

In this photo appears Jules Broussard on sax, Danny Armstrong on trombone, Si Perkoff on piano and the band vocalists - Rahni Kugel, Bobby Ingram & David Gardner 1979. The photo was taken from Si Perkoff's site (Si Perkoff pianist on the Bay Area Jazz scene).

# Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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the other song from jules
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he had worked with carlos santana on the 1974 lp ' borboletta'