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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jesse Gomez

Jesse Gomez was born and raised in Los Angeles California and began singing when he was 10 years old. He worked with a popular band in Los Angeles called “Smooth Water” in the 70’s and 80’s.
Les Baxter was a great influence in his music career. Les Baxter was singer, pianist, composer and producer. He also wrote the "Whistle" theme for the TV show "Lassie". He worked on movie soundtracks for American International Pictures where he composed and conducted scores films.
In 1974 Jesse Gomez sang on all tracks from the movie entitled "Savage Sisters" where the music was composed and conducted by Les Baxter.

In the early 80s Jesse Gomez recorded along with his band some tracks in a small recording studio. Then he released an EP album which included 4 tracks entitled "Baby I really want ya", "Sidewalk cafe", "Sweeter than honey" and "Lace" on Bax Records.  Les Baxter was the owner of Bax Records. Les Baxter printed only 50 copies with blue label.

Then Les Baxter found a major studio and they re-recorded the songs with different sound than songs on the blue label. This time was released a single with red label on Bax Records entitled "Lace / Baby I'm comin at ya" with "Lace" being the A side. The red label "Lace" was played on R&B stations in Los Angeles and charted there locally.

Then Mankind Records made a deal with them but they wanted "Baby I'm coming at you" to be on the A side. So Mankind Records released a single under the name Jessie called "Baby I'm coming at you / Lace". Mankind took record nationally and did not chart but got air play in 20 major cities. These songs were released in 1981.

Also Mankind Records released "Baby I'm coming at you" as 12 incher which some months ago was sold on ebay for 356$.

Jesse Gomez is currently working at a Los Angeles Television station and he continues to do studio session work and do occasional live performances.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

I wanna thank Jesse Gomez. I really thank you from my heart.
## Biography was provided by Jesse himself.

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