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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3rd Anniversary

I opened this blog three years ago. Today it's the third anniversary. All the posts on my blog come from my personal collection. Yes, believe it or not all my articles come from my personal collection.

First of all, I wanna thank especially all the visitors from my blog.

I would like to thank some special people and friends who helped me last year.

Ron Henderson Jr. on stage
Special thanks goes to Ron Henderson Jr. (guitarist, producer, songwriter, the son of Ron Henderson Sr. who became known in the 70s with the group Ron Henderson & Choice of Colour) for his help to me on my article about Barry Duke.

Alan Kaufman
I would like to thank Alan Kaufman for his info about Barry Duke and Terri Gore's album. I want to mention that Alan Kaufman was also producer on the albums, The Fabulous Kays' entitled "Deep in the night" in 1983 and Terri Gore's entitled "Movin on" in 1984.

Also special thanks goes to Ceasar Elloie for all his info and for his collaboration with me. I believe his music and his singing voice have a lot to offer to the music industry. In 2010 he released a great album entitled "New Orleans to Paris". He is a great person.

I wanna thank Jesse Gomez for all. I really thank you from my heart. Finally, thank you very much for your gifts and for your confidence in me.

I wanna thank Southside Jerry Melix for all his info and for his confidence in me. It is worthy mentioning that he is a great person.

I want to thank Miche Braden for all her kind comments to me. In 1983 she collaborated with Earl Van Dyke Quartet and released a single entitled "(Meet me at) Hart Plaza / Earl's theme" on Har-Den Music Co.

Also I presented her musical show “The Devil’s Music" in New YorkA musical by Angelo Parra. Musical Direction Miche Braden; Conceived and directed by Joe Brancato. Miche Braden stars as the legendary Bessie Smith. “The Devil’s Music" (The Life and Blues of Bessie Smith).

Shelton "Shelly" Berg

Special thanks to pianist, songwriter, producer Shelton "Shelly" Berg who helped me to find Chris Meyer.

Special thanks to Chris Meyer for his info and his kind comments to me. Chris Meyer released an ultra rare album entitled "Ready, Willing and Stable" on Meca Music Co.

I would like to thank Lee Mays (a.k.a. Percy Mays) for his kind comments to me. Lee Mays released an ultra rare album entitled "Shine Your Love" to 1976.

Special thanks goes to guitarist Gary Alexander, member of the group The Entertainers. I had the pleasure to present The Entertainers two years and a half ago. Gary Alexander and Earl Dawkins did a big honor to me including photos from my personal collection on the page of The Entertainers on Facebook.

Also special thanks goes to Harold known from a great song called "Shortage of love". He is a great friend of mine.

Special thanks goes to Gary Curtis Culpeper for all his info and for his help to me. I presented the song "Happy Birthday" by the group called Sugar for the first time when I had celebrated the second anniversary. About three months ago I presented again "Happy Birthday" because I had more details about this project. I want to note that Gary Curtis Culpepper has written songs for the famous group Kool & The Gang in the 80s.

Note: The above posted single is not played in ful

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